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Generate an Outstanding Online Income!

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List Unlimited Products For Sale in the right Categories!

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Earn commission on every service they buy from BizHub!

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You only need to remember one online shopping address! www.bizhubmall.co.za.

Buy whatever you want, whenever you want, 24/7/365!

Tell us what you are looking for and we will find it for you!

Join our Business Development Plan (BDP) and Introduce your favourite retail stores to us!

Earn commissions when they buy our services!

Qualify for Preferential Discounts from our Merchants!

Tell your friends, social media friends and co-workers about BizHub Mall so they can share in the good fortune!

Talk to our Merchants on their Blog and Q&A Forum posts.

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Ride the crest of the wave with BizHub Central and the BizHub Mall! Don't get left behind!

Share the traffic of 100,000's customers!

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Enjoy the convenience & security of a safe,
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Shop at your favourite stores online from the safety & comfort of home!

Qualify for Preferential Discounts from participating merchants in our Mall!

Join our Business Development Plan (BDP)
as a BizHub Business Associate (BA)!

Sell our products & services and earn commissions!

DISCLAIMER! Subscribers to the BizHub Business Development Plan (Business Associates) currently ONLY earn commissions on their Personal Sales of BizHub Advertising, Mall Pages, Product Listings and related BizHub items to Suppliers (Merchants) and Consumers.
We do not pay commissions for recruiting people, as BizHub Central is NOT an MLM business.
It is an online RETAIL business with products and services for sale to Merchants and Consumers.
It is structured to allow people to be promoted to higher Ranks, have more responsibility and earn bigger incomes and incentives.
Preferential Discount Vouchers are offered by Merchants in the Mall as incentives for Consumers to buy from them.
They are not issued by BizHub Central.

Earn a regular income selling the BizHub Mall concept to SMME and large business vendors!
Every Merchant who needs greater exposure, more traffic, additional
sales and increased income is a potential customer!

How many people like that
do YOU know?

Become a BizHub Business Associate (BA) TODAY!

Why Become a BizHub BA?

  • Simplicity and convenience are the keys!

  • Earn an increasing monthly commission from all Personal Sales!

  • The more people you explain the BizHub benefits to, the more people who buy, the more money you earn! 

  • Achieve set targets and get Great Bonuses!

  • Massive income potential when appropriate action is taken! 

  • Qualift for many high-value Rewards, Bonuses & Incentives!  

  • Get Exclusive Discounts from Participating Merchants when you shop in our online mall! 

  • Rent your own shop, populate it with other merchants’ products and earn another stream of income! 

  • Earn commissions on sales from your shop, 24/7, on autopilot! 

  • You sell, the supplier ships, you both get paid!

You don't want to miss out!

Work diligently to increase your sales so you can build up a Residual
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Want to Shop Online?

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of products


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1 million+


Why Shop in the BizHub Central Mall?

  • Easy to find products with 1-3 clicks! 

  • Browse private shops or product categories! 

  • Buy and sell online through our fast, secure checkout page! 

  • Excellent prices plus Preferential Discount Vouchers for Registered Business Associates! 

  • You only need to remember one web address to shop at! https://www.bizhubmall.co.za

  • Become a Vendor! List your products for sale in our online mall! 

  • Become a BizHub Cental Tenant! Get your own affordable home page and private shop!
    There are tenancy options for all Merchants! 

  • Buy automated prospecting surveys and customised sales videos that do all the promoting and selling of your products for you! 

  • Sell directly to and communicate with your target market! No middlemen! 

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