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A new report reveals a big increase in the number of people in South Africa who shop online. More
than half (56%) are shopping online on a weekly or monthly basis! Join the BizHub Central Community!
We are your 1-Stop Online Shopping Destination in South Africa!

BizHub Central

is destined to become SA's foremost 1-stop online shopping destination. All SA retailers and consumers can transact swiftly and safely with each other in our Mall. To kickstart this venture, we are GIVING the first 500 Merchants who register....


for an


number of products for sale in
Industry-Specific Categories in our Mall!

BizHub Mall Benefits.

BizHub Business Development Plan (BDP).

Ride the crest of the wave with your shop space in the BizHub Central Online Shopping Mall! Don't get left behind!

Share the millions of Customers invited into the mall by all our resident Merchants!

Get more customers, make more sales!

Enjoy the convenience & security of a safe,
1-stop online shopping destination!

Shop at your favourite stores in our Mall from the safety & comfort of home!

Qualify for Preferential Discounts from participating merchants!


Earn a regular income selling your products in the BizHub Mall.
Every Merchant who needs greater exposure, more traffic, additional
sales and increased income
is a potential Vendor! Tell them the BizHub Mall exists!

Help us grow the mall
for everyone's sake!

Work diligently to increase your sales so you can build up a Regular
and create a better lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones!


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