This is the official meeting and discussion platform for BizHub Central SA.
Here all BizHub members, users, tenants, subscribers, customers, agents and visitors can come to ask questions and to help those needing more information.

BizHub is an online business community, where we all share our resources for everyone’s benefit, including our own, where we help one another and share information, referrals and more.

We will not tolerate any negativity, hate speech, racism, rudeness, aggressiveness, nastiness, misinformation, spam, or any other negative dialogue or imagery, including anything to do with pornography, animal or human cruelty, drugs, human trafficking, or terrorist activity, recruiting or sympathies.
One strike, and you’re OUT!
NO second chances! This is your only warning!
And, depending on the severity of your discourse, we reserve the right to notify the authorities of your disruptive attitudes and beliefs in keeping with our safety and security measures taken on behalf of all our users.
OK, now hopefully all the unpleasantness is out of the way forever.

This forum is ONLY for discussions about BizHub Central, or our tenants and their businesses, or to answer questions about BizHub and our tenants’ businesses and to provide help regarding our platform, and NOTHING ELSE!
So please don’t promote outside businesses here.
If you want to do that, become a Mall Tenant.
If you want to earn money, subscribe to our Sales Account Program.
Please keep your participation clean, friendly and helpful!
THAT’S what we are here to achieve!

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