The original concept of BizHub Central was as a Central Business Hub, hence the name.
Through research we determined that entrepreneurs and merchants needed an affordable web presence so they can compete equally with large and corporate companies online.

Thus the BizHub online shopping mall came into being, and became a safe, convenient, 1-stop online shopping destination for consumers.

The one thing we heard most was vendors saying: “I can’t sell”, and yet they rely on sales of goods and services to feed themselves and their families!

So we decided to help them.

We first created automated, personalised selling tools that do all the work for them.
Then we created the online mall, in keeping with the constant movement of shoppers away from physical shops and malls to shopping at online web sites.

The problem with online shopping as it currently stands, is that web sites are scattered all over the internet in the same way that shops were scattered all over the city before shopping malls were invented and built.
We realised that at the rate at which foot traffic to physical malls was declining, there would be a need to group all the scattered web sites together into one place for the safety and convenience of shoppers, and so the BizHub Central online shopping malls were born.

We then learned that most entrepreneurs and employees did not have a pension plan, and that many of those who were employed were underpaid, and that many people were out of work and had no income prospects.

So we created the BizHub Affiliate Program, where we encourage people to tell others about the business, and when those people buy, their introducers get paid handsome commissions which they could then use to build up their businesses, pay off debts, settle bills and school / college / varsity fees, or emigrate, as so many people would love to do, but simply cannot afford to.

In recent months we have received inquiries from overseas about BizHub, so we bought 12 domains and we have set up payment gateways, ewallets and debit cards for our merchants and consumers.
Once the South African mall is fully operational, we will start expanding the business into Africa, Europe, Australasia and the East.

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