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LEARN how to run a successful online
business and EARN an outstanding
primary or secondary income BEFORE
you get your own shop in our online Mall!

We are with you and we
SUPPORT you, ALL the way!

For Just R300 pm

Get our 117 page retail sales training manual to LEARN selling and marketing skills.

Get ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO AUTOMATE your marketing strategies!

Business Training

Learn how to start and run a successful online business.

Get access to thousands of business and leisure ebooks and audiobooks.

BDP Income Plan

Earn 20% commissions on your Personal Sales of the BDP and up to 32.5% overriding comm's on your Team members' sales.
That's a total of 52.5% commission on sales!

Invite your qualified prospects (people who genuinely need help and are interested to learn more) to our Zoom meetings!
You do the inviting and we do the presenting, selling and closing. And YOU get paid!

THAT'S ALL! This could become your full-time business!
We work with powerful mathematical formulae that ensure outstanding returns for very little outlay and effort, but SOME EFFORT is required, because IF YOU DO NOTHING, YOU GET NOTHING!

To get more information about the BDP and our Income Plan before you register as a BA, please read on......

Major Benefits of Your R300 pm
Income Plan Subscription

We have put together nearly 40 features & benefits worth over R50,000, for just R300 pm subscription to the Business Development & Income Plan.
This is Excellent Value for Money!
Subscribe to our Business Development and Income Plan and help us promote our business.
When you bring us paying customers, YOU earn up to 52.5% on-going commissions on their purchases every month.
In the Income Plan Zoom presentations, you will learn how you can pay once only, and earn forever!

BizHub now contains the following elements:

● Online Shopping Mall – list your products AND services for sale
● Online Auction site – monetize goods you no longer need or use, or new stock items
● Business Development & Sales Training Centre & Income Plan (R300 pm)
● Earn an outstanding residual income, simply by bringing potential customers to our Zoom presentations
● You do the inviting (we have a pitch below that you can learn), and we do the presenting, selling, closing and signing up
● You must be a registered and paid-up subscriber to benefit from this. It's our way of giving back, and helping others
● You earn 20% commission on your Personal Sales, even if WE do the selling for you!
● You earn a total on 32.5% overriding commissions on your Sales Team's sales for training, motivating and mentoring them
● That's a total of 52.5% commission on each Team member's monthly subscription, earned monthly as well!
● Income examples are available to show your earning potential, from 5 to 10 sales each. Ask Us for the spreadsheet!
IN ADDITION, when you bring us retail merchants who become Tenants, we pay you 10% of their monthly Mall rental
● Get our 117-page, 33-chapter retail sales training manual - learn to sell like a professional
● Get thousands of business and leisure ebooks and audiobooks - learn how to start and run a successful online business
● You get a Private ewallet and (soon) an international prepaid debit card
● 50%-90% reduction in costs for the first 500 merchants who subscribe!
● 3 Mall rental options - R395 pm, R550 pm and R695 pm - with an increasing no. of features & benefits per option
● 1 month RENT FREE Mall shop space (optional: to get you started, get your products listed and for you to start advertising)
● Public shop and a private shop with a professional, customised shopfront webpage - your "shop window"
● The public shop is where your products are combined with other sellers' products in a particular industry
● Private shops are where only one Tenant's products are listed for sale. Get a public and a private shop for double exposure
● No rent is payable for use of the Auction site; only a commission per sale. No sale, no pay
● Income Plan members qualify automatically for Discount Coupons from participating Mall Tenants
● Income Plan members qualify automatically for Loyalty Program Rewards from BizHub, paid into your private ewallet
● Redeem Discount Coupons and Loyalty Rewards on purchases made in our Mall and pay less!
● Free Business Directory listings
● Free Events Calendar – list your events here for all to see
● Free Blog & Forum – manage & edit your own accounts. Use them to educate your audience about your products
● Private “My Account” Register & Login page and back office for buying and selling
● Affiliate Area Register & Login page and back office to manage your Income Plan
● Free Escrow service – peace of mind for buyers and sellers
● Concierge service – no other shop or mall offers this!
● In-house courier service (coming soon)

From the 32 elements listed above, you can see that BizHub has become a force to be reckoned with!
All the above Features & Benefits have been sourced, tested and included so our Tenants can offer better services to their customers, so that we can help promote their businesses in our Mall, and so that consumers can enjoy increased value for money when they shop at our Tenants' stores!
In fact, we already have far more features and benefits than the “warehouse” malls offer you, so support us and we will support you in return, with an increasing array of benefits as we grow and become stronger and better known!

How to Register for the Income Plan and as a Mall User,
and How to Login to your Two Back Offices

Please follow these step-by-step instructions to register and login to the web site as an Affiliate under your Introducer to earn a monthly income, and as a User to buy and sell in the Mall. You get 2 separate accounts.

As an Affiliate.
1. Ask your Introducer for their BizHub Income Plan Referral Link.
2. If it is hyperlinked, click on it. If not, copy and paste it into your browser. Hit “Enter”.
3. If you do not have an Introducer, ie: if you came to BizHub from an advert, click on this link to Register as an Affiliate:
4. You will see a mirror image of our Home Page, with your Introducer’s Referral Link URL in the address field. This will tell you that you are on their Sales Team Page.
5. Hover over “Affiliates” in the top menu, and click on “Affiliate Area Register and Login” in the drop-down menu.
6. Complete the “Business Development Plan Registration Form”. All fields are required.
7. Under the Heading “Business Development Plan” you have 3 payment options. Monthly, @ R300 pm. 3-Monthly, @ R800 – you get R100 discount, and you save on bank fees. 6-Monthly, @ R1,600 – you get R200 discount, and you save on bank fees. This will Register you as a Member of your Introducer’s Team.
NOTE! If anyone you sell the BDP to subscribes for 3 or 6 months, you will earn 3 or 6 months’ commission every time they make a payment.
8. You will receive a verification email. Go to your email inbox and click on the “Click Here” link at the bottom, to verify your email address. This is to prove you are a human and not a spambot. Save your user name and password.
9. Return to your “Affiliate Area Register and Login” page, scroll down and fill in the Login” section. Check “Remember Me” if your device is your own, and the software will remember your login details, but save them in Word in a folder on your hard drive to be safe. You are now in your “Affiliate Area” back office.
10. Here you will find your user name and Referral Link. Memorise it. Send it out to everyone you know, on email, sms and social media on a regular basis, and invite them to our Zoom presentations, where I will sell to them and sign them up for you.
11. You will also see your new, free ewallet, with instructions on how to set it up and use it. Put money into it, so you have something to spend when you find something in the Mall that you simply MUST have! Our prepaid debit card will be available soon, so you won’t need a physical bank again. (If you use our Online Auction site as well, you will get another free ewallet to send and receive money there, enabling you to keep the two transaction points separate).
12. As a BizHub Affiliate, you also qualify for Discount Coupons from our Mall Tenants, and for Loyalty Points on a variety of activities, eg: spending money, on your first order, for writing reviews, on your birthday, etc.
13. And you get access to all our Training Modules, for business development and sales.

As a User.
14. Once you have set yourself up as an Affiliate, click on the “My Account” tab in the top menu and fill in the Register form on the right to become a Mall User (buy and/or sell). Leave out the Affiliate steps if you are not interested in earning an outstanding residual income by getting 10 people to subscribe to our Income Plan and helping them to do the same.
15. If you are only going to use the Mall to shop at, leave the “I am a Customer” button checked. If you want to sell products or service, check the “I am a Vendor” button.
16. More fields will appear. They are all required. This will enable you to list items for sale.
17. Check the box to say you have read, understand and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions of Use. If you want to read them, they are under the “Legal” tab.
18. We welcome you to the BizHub online ecommerce community and trading platform.

For assistance or answers to questions, contact Paul, BizHub CEO, on +27742675500, or email

TIP: Pay for 3 months, get R100 off and save on bank charges.
Pay for 6 months, get R200 off and save on bank charges!

We Are Many Steps Ahead
of the competition!

Why We Are The Best at What We Do!

Central BizHub Malls provides a complete online shopping Mall and auction site as affordable platforms for buyers and sellers to transact from.

Tenants get massive brand exposure to an increasing flow of TRAFFIC (visitors) to the mall, and consumers have the convenience and security
of shopping online from the comfort of their homes!

Business Associates (BA's) can generate above-average residual incomes when they sell our Business Development Plan (BDP) to merchants and consumers who need a better income and excellent training on how to run an online business.
Become a BizHub BA and start earning BIG!

Dropshippers can start their own online stores in the Mall with very little experience or capital outlay!


Become a Successful BizHub Business Associate (BA)

join us! We Will train, support & assist You!

Take 3 Steps
to Success!


Click this link to register as an Independent  Business Associate of the BizHub Income Plan. 
Contact Us if you need help. 


As a BA you will  get access to thousands of ebooks and our retail sales training manual. And you can start earning money immediately, selling the BDP to others. 


Make a list of everyone you know with  goods for sale who needs a web site. Invite them to become BizHubMall Tenants, Dropshippers and/or BDP Associates.

Benefits of Being a BizHub Business Associate

■ Become a member of an exclusive online community.
■ Get free ebooks, audiobooks and on-going sales training.
■ Get Discount Coupons and Loyalty Rewards.
■ Attend weekly Zoom business networking meetings.
■ Make full use of our Blog and Q&A Forum.
■ Get your own exclusive ewallet and debit card.
■ Earn an outstanding residual income with very little effort.
■ Bring prospects to our Zoom meetings and we'll do the rest!
■ Earn 20%-52.5% comm. on Personal and Team Sales.
■ Earn lucrative, performance-based rewards and incentives.
■ Get Dropshipping opportunities, pointers and training.
■ Be made privy to new and exciting income opportunities.

We will provide you with all the marketing tools you need, including:
Powerpoint presentations, letters, pamphlets, sms ads, social media and email ads, video emails, prospecting surveys, sales videos, landing pages, virtual business cards, your own Blog and Forum pages, & more.

YOU just have to find the customers and send them out, diligently and consistently, and constantly attract new customers in order to be successful and to earn the Big Bucks we have already allocated to your anticipated sales efforts. It's WAITING for you to CLAIM!

If you don't want to sell, you don't have to. Just talk to people. We will tell you what to say to get them interested. Bring genuinely interested people to our Zoom presentation & training meetings.
We will do the selling, and YOU'LL get paid when they buy!

Here's the pitch.

"Hi, [name]. How are things going with you? Have you found a way yet to start earning money again? Do you need to earn more? My friend Paul has created an awesome online shopping mall and auction site where SME merchants can rent space and even learn how to sell and how to run an online retail business. It's called BizHub, for "business hub".

He has added an Income Plan where he pays up to 52.5% commission on Personal and Team sales to Associates who help him promote the business, and you don't even have to sell. Just say what I'm saying now, and invite people to the next Zoom meeting where Paul will do a presentation and sign up your prospects for you, and YOU then get paid your comm. for bringing the RIGHT PEOPLE to the meeting!
Cool, hey?
If this is something you'd like to try, you can sign up from my referral Link, or you can come to a meeting. It's only R300 pm, or R10 a day, and you get nearly 40 valuable features and benefits worth more than R50,000.
Your Personal Sales comm. is 20% pm, so you bring 5 prospects to the meetings and if they register within your first month, you never have to pay out of your pocket again, and your comm. covers your subscription.
Everything after that is pure profit.
And you never have to bring in more than 10 customers and help them do the same, to earn an awesome monthly income.
Paul will show you income examples that will blow your mind!

Can I send you the link to the next Zoom meeting? Please give me your email address and your Whatsapp or telegram phone number.
You can bring guests, too, if you know anyone who needs help to make a better living.
I'll see you there!"


There it is! Simple! Learn that, and it WILL make money for you!

NOTE! Ask us for a Priority Rating Table to help you target the right people in your circle of influence! It really produces results!

You will soon start
seeing positive results!

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