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Why We Are The Best at What We Do!

Central BizHub Malls provides a complete online shopping Mall as a platform for buyers and sellers to transact from.

Tenants get massive brand exposure to an increasing flow of TRAFFIC (visitors) to the mall, and consumers have the convenience and security
of shopping online from the comfort of their homes!

Business Associates (BA's) can generate above-average residual incomes when they sell our Business Development Plan (BDP) to merchants and consumers who need a better income and excellent training on how to run an online business.
Become a BizHub BA and start earning BIG!

Dropshippers can start their own online stores in the Mall with very little experience or capital outlay!

Become a Successful BizHub Business Associate (BA)

join us! We Will train, support & assist You!

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Click this link to register as an Independent  Business Associate of CBM. 
Contact Us if you need help and we will  assist you.


As a BA you will  get access to thousands of ebooks and our retail sales training manual. And you can start earning money immediately, selling the BDP to others. 


Make a list of everyone you know with  goods for sale who needs a web site. Invite them to become BizHubMall Tenants, Dropshippers and/or BDP Associates.

Benefits of Being a BizHub Business Associate

■ Become a member of an exclusive online community.
■ Get free ebooks, audiobooks and on-going sales training.
■ Get Preferential Discounts from other Tenants.
■ Attend regular Zoom business networking meetings.
■ Make full use of our Blog and Q&A Forum.
■ Get your own exclusive ewallet and debit card.
■ Earn an outstanding residual income with very little effort.
■ Earn lucrative, performance-based rewards and incentives.
■ Get Dropshipping opportunities, pointers and training.
■ Be made privy to new and exciting income opportunities.

We will provide you with all the marketing tools you need, including:
Powerpoint presentations, letters, pamphlets, sms ads, social media and email ads, video emails, prospecting surveys, sales videos, landing pages, virtual business cards, your own Blog and Forum pages, & more.

YOU just have to find the customers and send them out, diligently and consistently, and constantly attract new customers in order to be successful and to earn the Big Bucks we have already allocated to your anticipated sales efforts. It's WAITING for you to CLAIM!

NOTE! Ask us for a Priority Rating Table to help you target the right people in your circle of influence!

You will soon start
seeing positive results!

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We have 52 years of sales and marketing experience. Let us share them with you!

Become a Successful BizHub Business Associate (BA)

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