The beauty of this Affiliate Program as a Retirement Plan.

You don’t have to pay in every month and wait for 40-45 years in order to be given a fixed income of 75% of your last salary upon retirement (when you are old). This causes a decline in your quality of life as the cost of living continues to rise at a time when you are experiencing increasing health care costs, amongst others.


With the BizHub Affiliate Program you can start at ANY AGE and pay the same monthly subscription as everyone else – R100, R300, R600,R1,000 or R1,500 per month.
And you can start low and upgrade, to earn more and better benefits and incentives!

If you do what is required of you, you WILL start earning money from as soon as 1-2 months from when you first joined.
And, because this Program is so powerful, if you follow the instructions to the letter, it is entirely possible to retire in 1-2 years’ time on a 5 or 6-figure income!

In addition, when you share this benefit with others you will be helping them as we are helping you, and when they join, YOU will start earning an increasing monthly income!
This income is RESIDUAL, meaning you will receive it EVERY MONTH, immediately, as long as you continue to pay your subscriptions and sell the Plan. NO WAITING!

And when you have introduced the Program to just 3-10 people, depending on what status level you’re on, your subscription cost is covered and from then on your own Retirement Plan is FREE!

At this point, will you EVER resign?

I don’t think so!

In the BizHub Affiliate Program you could “work hard” for 6-12 months (work hard = sell the BizHub Central and BizHub Mall concepts and the Affiliate Program to 12 people, focusing on making 2 sales at a time until you achieve your goal, then teaching them to do the same, or giving me your qualified leads and I’ll do it for you, because I know the program better than anyone else, since I designed it).


This is the LEAST amount of “work” required to earn an outstanding, 5- to 6-figure monthly income.

Recap: Work hard for 6-12 months, sell the Affiliate Program to 12 people and teach them to do the same.
That’ll do it!! 

Do this and by the end of 12 months, you will be earning enough money every month to retire comfortably, even if you are only 20 years old! It could even happen sooner!


As more and more people subscribe to the Program in your Sales Team, your monthly income increases! Every month!
You earn a total of 35% – 55% of their subscriptions every month, so when you have sold the Program to 3-10 people, you’ve broken even. 

So when you are old, perhaps frail and can’t work anymore, you will have more than enough money to cover all housing, food, caretaker and medical costs and be able to live comfortably, in your own home or on cruise liners, rather than in an old age home. Unless that’s where you prefer to be, and you’ll be able to afford the best.

Where would YOU choose to spend your retirement?  

And there is no upper age restriction to join the Affiliate Program. You just have to be 18 years of age or older, or have a parent or guardian sign up for you if you are under 18. 

How the Retirement Plan Works:

The Retirement Plan is exactly that, but it has so many advantages over a conventional Pension Plan.

  • At this level, it is only R1,500 pm, no matter hold old or young you are (as long as you are over 18, or your parent or guardian supports you in joining the BizHub Comp. Plan to start your own business while you are still in school).

  • You earn 30% comm. on all Personal Sales, so you need to make 4 sales to break even, and up to 25% on your Team’s sales, making a possible return of 55% of sales.
    Share the Plan with other people and build up your income from Personal Sales, and from overriding commissions on your Team members’ sales.

  • Start earning immediately! You don’t have to wait 45 years to get paid.

  • And you don’t retire on a fixed income of 75% of your last paycheck, so your income and your quality of life will increase instead of decrease as the rising cost of living takes its toll on others, but not on you!

  • Work hard for 6-12 months and you will be able to retire, no matter if you are 20 or 80 years old.

  • You don’t have to be old to retire, you only need to have enough money!

  • If you are older than 60, you can still join the Plan and earn a great income for your old age, without paying exorbitant premiums, as long as you tell others about the Plan and sell it to them, using the marketing tools we provide (there are 5 of them).

  • There is no upper age limit! Get your family to help you. They will benefit, too, because they will also earn immediately  from the Plan, and you can bequeath your position to someone in your family when you pass!

  • At some point you can stop working altogether and let others in your Team do all the heavy lifting, with you as an adviser, mentor, motivator and manager. This is YOUR Plan, and YOU control it!

  • You will have ample income to afford the best food, living conditions and care, for the rest of your life, anywhere you choose to live in the world! So if you want to emigrate, build up your balance in USD, GBP or EUR, move to where those currencies are used, and spend in those currencies with your debit card from your ewallet!

  • The Plan is completely private and anonymous. Your funds cannot be stolen or misappropriated, nor can they be taken and used to prop up failing parastatals!

  • And we will soon provide you with cloud-based ewallets to store your funds in and debit cards to spend from.


Benefits to Merchants.

  • Subscribe to our Affiliate Program and advertise your BizHub store to other Affiliates.

  • Supplement your product sales income with your residual Affiliate income. Earn money every month whether you make sales from your Shop or not.

  • Create a future Retirement Plan for yourself.

  • Incentivise Consumers to buy from you by offering them Preferential Discount Vouchers of up to 10% off.
    Set discounts
    per product or per category of products. Adjust them according to your margins.

  • The more effort you put in, the more money and rewards you get out.

Benefits to Customers and Visitors.

    • BizHub provides you with a primary or secondary income. Build it and use it to shop with!

    • Affiliates can purchase goods from BizHub Merchants and QUALIFY to make use of the Preferential Discount Vouchers provided by the Merchants, exclusively to the BizHub Affiliates.

    • The BizHub Affiliate Program is your future Retirement Plan. Even if you retire in 1-2 years’ time!
      Remember, you don’t have to be old to retire, you just need to have enough money!

    • The more effort you put in, the more money and rewards you get out.

This Program is available to ALL Biz Hub Merchants, Visitors, Customers and Agents.
People who need money for covering overheads, paying off debts, unforeseen medical bills, school/university fees, etc. and who MAKE AN EFFORT to grow their businesses will definitely benefit from subscribing to our Affiliate Program.

Monthly contributions start at just R100 pm, and positions can be co-owned by 2 or more people, if you are struggling to raise R100 pm. At this level you will earn 10% commission on Personal sales, so you and your co-owners need to sell 10 positions between you to break even. The next 10 will buy a position for one of your co-owners and so on, until everyone has their own position, paid for out of commissions. and when you upgrade, you will earn bigger commissions and better incentives to motivate you! This structure is based on a retail company’s sales dept. commission structure.
Total potential rebates are from 15% to 55% of sales.

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