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Everything you need, under 1 roof!

Find small, medium, large and corporate businesses with products and services for sale. Search by country, city, industry and business name. If
you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we will find it for you!

Now you can shop at
all your favourite stores, locally & internationally –
here, in 1 place, online!

(By phone, tablet & computer)!

Introduce your favourite
local retailers to us!
Get up to 10% off from them
and also earn money back!

BizHub Central International
is The World’s PREMIER
International Business Hub, online Shopping Mall
AND Income Plan!
We provide individualised shop fronts and unique stores for merchants in many countries. We promote consumer loyalty to our Tenants’ brands and we enable merchants and consumers to interact directly with each other, and
not through a central warehouse.

There are NO middlemen!

BizHub Central is your
1-stop online shopping destination, WORLDWIDE!

So let your fingers
do the walking!

Become a BizHub Tenant in your country's online mall! Share unlimited traffic! Join our Income Plan, advertise your business and earn a second income.

Join your & other countries' Income Plans. Get Preferential Discount Vouchers from our Tenants and earn a residual monthly income in different currencies!

Register in your country and market BizHub to local Merchants and Consumers alike. Earn commissions on your Mall and Income Plan sales!

Subscribe to our Compensation Plan(s), pay 3, 6 or 12 months upfront for
your subscriptions, and we will GIVE you 1 or more 1 gm pure silver coins!

NOTE! Participants in the BizHub Income Plan and Independent Agents earn commissions for selling the Income Plan, Mall Tenancies and related products and services to other Participants and Tenants.

Our Main Features!

  • Become a Tenant in our Online Shopping Mall.

  • Affordable web pages and rentals.

  • Access to increasing flows of traffic every month!

  • Be seen by other Tenants’ visitors. Get “spin-off” business that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

  • Merchants! Get more sales and Supplement your product sales income with your Income Plan’s residual income.

  • Everyone! Get a private ewallet and debit card!

  • Join our awesome Income Plan and earn a SECOND INCOME that you can use to buy goods in the mall and elsewhere.

  • Consumers! Get Preferential Discount Vouchers when you buy from participating Merchants in our Malls!

Click Here to see the different countries we have
on board so far, and their Merchants’ online stores! 

Why Use BizHub Central?


Some Merchants have unique
web pages and Shops that can
be found in their countries’ Merchants List menu tab for
easy access. Others are listed in the Shop in their relevant Industry Categories. Look in both to find what you are looking for. If you can’t find it, contact us, let us know what it is, and we will find it for you. When you want to buy something, type in the Quantity and click “Add to Basket”.


Web page design costs and monthly rentals are deliberately kept way below market rates to enable EVERYONE to afford a web site in BizHub Central. If you only need 1 page, that’s all you pay for! If you don’t need a web page, get a cheaper listing in your relevant Industry Category and only pay for data capture and a monthly rental. PLUS! Earn a residual monthly income in our awesome Income Plan!


With many Merchants in the Hub, all advertising their web site URL’s to their customer databases, every Tenant picks up “spin-off” referrals from each other’s visitors. So you SHARE THE TRAFFIC! Someone may see your company name and description and click on your URL or on your Industry Category.
They will find your products
and services and perhaps buy something you are selling!


Shop from home! Visit our Merchants from around the country and the world, and in your own city or town! Join one or more of our Income Plans! Earn a residual income in foreign currencies!  Earn Sales Rebates and qualify for Preferential Discount Vouchers from participating Vendors!


about us

BizHub Central International was born out of a need to help local SME merchants grow their businesses and prosper by showcasing their wares in a 1-stop, high traffic destination like an online shopping mall. This is an essential strategy, since more than 80% of consumers now shop online. Consumers benefit from all the features, benefits and incentives on offer to help them save and make money, too, while shopping in our Malls at their leisure, from home, and in total safety and security.









Showcase YOUR business and products for sale in the bustling metropolis
that is BizHub Central, your country’s Premier
online Shopping Mall! Join our community. Share the traffic, the wealth and all the incentives that BizHub offers merchants and consumers alike! You make and save money with BizHub!

Clients say

Why merchants love us!

We provide a family atmosphere
in a business environment.
We SUPPORT one another
We offer affordable web page design with a professional look and feel. Go to the “Merchants List” page and click on the links to see the pages we have designed, including this “Home” page.
We integrate the different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g. online from a desktop or mobile device, in a physical shop, or by phone), providing a seamless shopping experience, anywhere in the world.

This page contains 3 web page purchase options and lists all their features and benefits. It also mentions a Special we are running for the next 100 merchants who buy 1 or more web pages. This Special will end once we have these 100 tenants on board. We will run new specials again soon.

Why customers love us!

BizHub Central is the way of the future! We provide a variety of products and services for sale under one roof. BizHub Central is fast becoming South Africa and the world’s Premier online Shopping Mall, full of specialist shops that you can visit from the comfort of your own home or office, and make purchases from merchants in any of our participating countries without breaking a sweat!
We integrate online and offline shopping methods for a seamless consumer experience! 
Each BizHub Mall is a 1-stop shopping destination for online shoppers, worldwide. They can find and purchase goods from our merchants’ stores with a few clicks and get up to 10% off! They can fetch their purchases or have them couriered. PLUS! every merchant, consumer and agent in BizHub Central gets a free, anonymous ewallet in which to store their BizHub incomes and commissions. Funds are also transferred ewallet-to-ewallet
between our participants for FREE!
Coming Soon!
Our own  international debit cards. 

BizHub Central is a REAL Central Business Hub!

the Income plan.
our best seller!

The BizHub Central Income Plan is the best income and retirement plan there is! Your account is totally private and cannot be raided. YOU are in control! YOU determine how much money you want to earn, and how quickly! There are 5 payment options, from R100 pm to R1,500 pm, to make it affordable to all pockets. Start low and upgrade, using your earned commissions. SHARE the Plan with your friends, colleagues and co-workers. Pay for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance and we will GIVE YOU pure silver coins as a “thank you” with which to start your Bullion Portfolio. Use the tools we provide to grow your income.

Retire in 1-2 years’ time!

The link will open in a new tab. It contains BizHub Admin’s Referral Link. If you have an introducer, please use their link. Open your internet banking in another tab to pay your first suscription by EFT and save our bank details as a beneficiary. We will contact you with details on future payments.

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