BizHub has introduced a Loyalty Program to its Mall and Auctions sites, to reward customers for making use of our ecommerce platforms and for supporting our Merchants.

NOTE! These Loyalty Rewards are paid out of BizHub’s earnings; they are not paid for by our Merchants.

Loyalty Points can be redeemed in our Mall and Auction sites when you spend money with our Merchants.
You can select to have all or part of your purchase paid with points, and you can then use the money in your ewallet to settle the balance. If the item costs more than your points + ewallet balance, you can either top up your wallet to pay in the difference or you can EFT the balance owing to BizHub where it will be kept in our secure escrow account until the item/s have been delivered and you notify us that you are satisfied with them.
If you don’t notify us in 5 days, we will assume that you are satisfied and we will pay the seller.


Click the shield for Rules

Click on the image above to join our Affiliate Program under the BizHub Admin Referral Link.
Alternatively, if you have an Introducer, ask them to give you their Referral Link and sign up under them.
When the next web page opens, hover over "Affiliates" in the top menu and you will see a drop-down menu.

Click on the first link, "Affiliate Area Register & Login".
Complete the form, make your first payment, verify your email address then come back and Login.
You will see your account with all the admin elements you'll need to manage your business, plus your own, unique Referral Link and ewallet.
As you and your Team grow your business and make more and more sales of the Training Center & Affiliate Program, your back office account will start keeping records for you to monitor whenever you want to.

Work diligently to increase your sales so you can build up a Regular
and create a better lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones!

In the BizHub Loyalty Program, each point is worth R1.00.
You earn 1 point for every R100 you spend in our Mall or on our Auction site.
Loyalty Points are paid into your ewallet when you earn them.

Points Automatically Added to Your Ewallet. (Hence the need to set it up asap).
Spend Money: You get 1 point (R1.00) for every R100 that you spend in the Mall and Auction site, paid into your ewallet.
Place Your first Order: You get 5 points (R5.00) when you make your first purchase.
Product / Merchant Review: You get 1 point (R1.00) when you review a Merchant or Vendor’s products and service and rate them with 1-5 stars. This way, we weed out bad merchants and keep the good ones, so your input is important.

Points Manually Added to Your Ewallet.
• You get 5 points (R5.00) when it’s your birthday, so to claim, send us a copy of your ID as proof of your DOB.
• You earn 15 points (R15.00) when you first subscribe to our BizHub Business Training Center & Profits4Us Affiliate Program for R1,998 per year (R5.50/day).
• You get 5 points (R5.00) for every Merchant you introduce to BizHub who registers, logs in, lists products and sets up and funds their free ewallet with a minimum of R1,000.
• You get another 15 points (R15.00) if they also subscribe to our Affiliate Program, for encouraging them to do so. (You must be a registered and paid-up Affiliate for this).
• You get 5 points (R5.00) for every Customer you introduce to BizHub who registers, logs in, sets up and funds their free ewallet with a minimum of R1,000 spending money and who spends a minimum of R500 in our Mall or Auction site with our Merchants in a single order.
• You get another 15 points (R15.00) if they also subscribe to our Affiliate Program, for encouraging them to do so. (You must be a registered and paid-up Affiliate for this).
• You earn another 15 points (R15.00) every time someone you introduce to the Profits4Us Affiliate Program also subscribes to the Program for R1,998 per year, PLUS you earn 20% commission of R1,500 of their R1,998 subscription, giving you an extra R300 per sale of the Program. That’s R320 per sale. Refer 7 or more people to get into profit.


Every merchant and customer who registers with BizHub and with Profits4Us in order to buy or sell is given a free ewallet to put money into. They also get a virtual prepaid card that the can use to spend online or offline, using their smartphones!


In addition, Merchants are encouraged to create Discount Coupons to give to customers who buy from them.
These coupons can be permanent, temporary, seasonal or for special occasions, like Christmas, Easter or Black Friday.
This is a voluntary undertaking by the Merchants, but it is recommended by Admin because it ranks as a major drawcard for both buyers and sellers. Customers can redeem Loyalty Points given by BizHub when purchasing from our Merchants, and add them to their coupon discounts for better prices.


NOTE! The Discount Coupons page is password-protected to prevent unauthorised access!
You will receive the password to this page when you have registered and paid your annual subscripton.


We have entered into an agreement with the suppliers who provide us with the ewallets and virtual cards.
Through them we can now offer you a second Loyalty Program where you can get discounts from a growing number of corporate retail stores and SME retailers.
This is a paid service, so you can either pay for it yourself or you can earn it as a Profits4Us Performance Bonus.
If you pay for it yourself and you then hit the pre-set sales turnover target we set for this Bonus, we will reimburse you.

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