BizHub Mall vs Physical Malls.

Why it is better to trade online through the BizHub Mall than offline through a physical mall.

Physical Malls Central BizHub Malls (CBM)
High cost of shopfitting (up to +/-R1,500,000 or more) and monthly rentals averaging R20,000 – R100,000 pm for a small to medium-sized shop. Get a BizHub Tenant Bundle for R395 pm, R550 pm, or R695 pm. Pay monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly. Get everything you need to run a successful online business. Price includes a custom designed mall page and private shop.
Only caters to people living within a 3-5 km driving distance of the mall. Caters for customers from around the city, the country and the world.
You must hire many staff personnel. No or only 1 or 2 staff members needed.
People have to drive to the mall to buy from you. Fewer and fewer people are doing this these days. People can shop with you from the comfort of their homes, from anywhere in the world.
You have to fight your way through traffic at least twice a day to go to and come home from your store. You work from home, too. By not having a physical shop you save a fortune in monthly and transport costs.
You can only open for specific times of the day and days of the week, as set by the mall management, and never on public holidays. Your BizHub store is open 24/7/365.
You have to insure everything at an additional monthly cost. No insurance is necessary, only a good antivirus program with an annual purchase / renewal fee.
No supplementary income plan or retirement plan is offered. We offer a powerful and very lucrative Business Development Plan (BDP) and Income Plan (IP). Earn monthly commissions when you bring new Tenants into the Mall.
Most retailers accept cash, debit and credit cards and EFT. Some accept Zapper and Snapscan. We don’t accept cash, only cash deposits as well as all the others, including Instant EFT, cryptocurrencies, bullion, Zapper, Snapscan & QR Code scanning, and we accept subscriptions by debit order.
Retailers with shops in physical malls only cater to 20% of the potential market. They are missing out on the 80% who shop online. Retailers with shops in the BizHub online mall cater for the 80%+ of people who now shop online on a regular basis. And this number increases every day.
Some physical mall retailers have stand-alone web sites that are only visited by people who know they are there. BizHub Tenants’ shops are seen by every other Tenant’s visitors. We are a “go-to” destination, so they pick up lots of “spin-off” business from people who didn’t even know they existed.
Physical mall shop owners and their staff rarely promote themselves to people online, because most of them seem not to be computer literate; or technophobic at worst. BizHub Tenants use smartphones, apps, tablets and computers to monitor their businesses all the time, so they promote themselves online a lot, using emails and social media.
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