BizHub Mall vs Stand-Alone Websites.

Why it's better to have a website inside the BizHub Mall than to have a stand-alone website.

Stand-Alone Websites Central BizHub Malls (CBM)
To get your own web site you need to buy a domain and get web hosting. You also have to spend a lot of money on software and on hiring an experienced web designer. This is an on-going expense, as there's always something that needs fixing or changing. As a merchant in the BizHubMall, you don't need a domain or a merchant account. You use ours. And you use our payment gateways, our shopping cart, and our checkout page. You get your own URL for each product and category. You can have your own private shop and shopfront or you can list products for sale in industry-specific categories and for the first 60 days you only pay a small percentage of sales as a transaction fee.
With a stand-alone website you only get visited by people who know your business exists and that you have a web site. Your site never grows new sales as there are no new customers visiting it. Shared Traffic is one of the key elements of CBM. The more merchants who register and invite their customer databases to visit the Mall, the more “spin-off” business each merchant gets from each other’s customers. A stand-alone website will only attract a few thousand customers. A Mall attracts millions of customers.
In a stand-alone website, the owner is the only person advertising the site. In the BizHubMall, every merchant in the mall is advertising its URL to all its customers and potential customers on a regular basis.
In a stand-alone website, goods sell slower than in a mall. Sometimes a business will keep stock for years, costing money, because it doesn't sell. In BizHubMall, because of the high volume of people passing through the mall every day, stock doesn't have time to stand still. It moves out!
In a stand-alone website, there is usually only one type of product or range of products. In the BizHubMall, the variety of goods is massive, and it grows even bigger every time a new merchant registers in the Mall and adds their product range.
Many stand-alone websites don't have a shopping cart, so customers can't buy products from the site. They have to go into their physical store. In the BizHubMall, every product is for sale and can be purchased directly from the Mall and get delivered within 1-2 days.
In a stand-alone website, if the owner doesn't want to offer any Special Deals, then there are none to attract customers. In the BizHubMall, there is always someone out of the thousands of merchants who is offering a Special Deal to get more customers or to move slow stock.
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