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Thank you for visiting BotswanaConnect – your one-stop portal to Botswana. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive yet professional portal, giving you access and relevant advice to all the facets of the friendly, safe and beautiful world of Botswana. 
Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about Botswana, affording you the best opportunity to penetrate this highly sought-after market.

Services We Provide:

Business Opportunities

Company Registration

Opening of Bank Accounts in Botswana

Cross-Border Transactions & Estate Planning


Work and Residency Permits

Vehicle (Regd in Botswana) License Renewals

Escrow Services

Tax and Estate Planning

Project Funding

Trusts - Establishment & Administration

Property Sales in Botswana

Who Are We?

BotswanaConnect is in the Swiss Africa Group of Companies consisting of:

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and their functions.

About the Firm

Our Directors have more than 50 years of experience between them, as to how Botswana works. This power-couple is also the owner of Amatrix Developments (Pty) Ltd   and as such purchased a property in Pilane, Botswana in 2004, on which there is now a thriving shopping mall (see: The remaining part of this property, measuring 6,5 hectares already has its future set out – currently being developed to comprise of a clinic, service station, housing and retail component.

Danie, one of our directors has been practising law in South Africa as an attorney since 1991, and although he is not admitted in Botswana, Danie works in association with a Law Firm in Gaborone, Botswana. Both our directors visit Botswana regularly, and in conclusion have decided to take full advantage of all the knowledge they have acquired over the years to the advantage of their clients – and here we are!

OUR AIM is to:

Assist the prospective farmer, businessman and investor to start his business correctly and keep it going in the right direction.

Delegate specialized services to our panel of experts (architects, advocates, attorneys, bookkeepers, engineers, surveyors, environmental consultants and other profesionals).

We work closely with Swiss Africa Secretarial Company (Botswana) who will take care of your company’s needs. We work closely with Swiss Africa Praesidium (Botswana) who will take care of your Trust’s needs.

Meet Our Team

Advocate Peter O'Halloran

Peter is an advocate who has spent 10 years in Botswana as Tax Director at BDO in Gaborone. As Peter is deemed to be the authority on Tax in Botswana, he was approached by Juta to be the author of the first Tax Textbook for Botswana. He also has years of experience with renowned trust company, Absa Trust in SA.

Peter has a passion to structure business internationally in order that such business will enjoy the tax benefits of Botswana to the fullest and to do cross border estate planning in order that each jurisdiction’s estate planning tools, such as the           Botswana Trust is utilised to the fullest.

Peter practises law in both South Africa and Botswana and he regularly appears in the High Courts of South Africa and the Botswana Court of Appeal. He is also the author of a weekly tax article in the Farmers Weekly. BJuris BProc LLB LLM (Tax) admitted advocate of the High Courts of both RSA and Botswana.

Danie Goosen

Danie Goosen is the CEO and Founder of BotswanaConnect.

Danie has been involved in Botswana for the past twenty years. It is his dream that every client should find his place under the Botswana sun, whether it is a retirement plot on the banks of the Limpopo or a multi-million Pula international mining operation, taking advantage of Botswana’s friendly business environment and tax advantageous jurisdiction.

Danie is also the founder of Amatrix Developments (Pty) Ltd., who saw to it that Pilane Crossing, a shopping centre with a GLA of approximately 10,000 square metres saw the light of day. Experienced in the business and legal environment of Botswana, Danie has hands-on experience to assist with even the most complex of issues.
Daniël Stephanus Goosen,BComm LLB (UP); Adv, Tax Cert.(SA);Practising Attorney of High Court of SA,1991, Admitted as foreign solicitor in Mauritius.

Dalene Goosen

Dalene Goosen is the CFO and Co-Founder of BotswanaConnect.

Dalene has been involved in Botswana with Danie for the past twenty years. She qualified as a Pharmacist and after working in Retail Pharmacy and doing medicine registration for multi-nationals, she joined BotswanaConnect full time in 2003.

She is also CEO of Swiss Africa Secretarial Company (Pty) Ltd through which our clients are provided with world-class company secretarial services under Dalene’s personal supervision.

Dalene is also the co-founder of Amatrix Developments (Pty) Ltd. Dalene and Danie together made sure that the Pilane Crossing shopping mall came to life.

Dalene Goosen,  BPharm (UP)


Megan Higgs

Megan Higgs is the COO of BotswanaConnect.

Megan controls and manages the daily operations at BotswanaConnect and sees to the smooth running of all operations and the co-ordination of all the widely diverse business actions between BotswanaConnect and the Swiss Africa Group. Megan sees to it that our clientele is always happy and well looked after.

Megan Higgs,
BComm (Business Management) (UP)


Erna Burger

Erna Burger is the CEO of Swiss Africa Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

Erna has been actively involved with business for the past 23 years in Namibia. After obtaining a BA Hon degree at Stellenbosch University, she started off with her first small business enterprise.

She has excellent expertise in the micro-lending industry, as well as in payroll and payroll deduction system development and insurance. She is also the owner of Vanilla House Interiors, a renowned furniture business offering a variety of services, including upholstery, curtaining and interior decorating. Erna has experience in the development of residential and business property projects across Namibia.

Exposure to different business environments ensure that Erna can assist with the development of different business plans.

Erna Burger, BA Hon (Business) Stellenbosch.


Contact Us

P.O. Box AD123ADD, Kgale View, Botswana

P.O. Box 11337, Tiegerpoort, 0056 RSA

+27 83 263 6310

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