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Community structures and businesses of all sizes are invited to form this Chamber of Commerce to provide financial empowerment to all who:

Have committed themselves to a multi-generational mindset as individuals or families who are committed to discover and develop their Redeemed Inheritance.

Develop family- and community-based business units and wish to transform their individual or family enterprises into multi-generational businesses to enhance service delivery and job creation in the local community as demarcated in election wards or counties.

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Implement resource and skills development as a Community Care Centre, supported by skills villages and facilities of religious institutions, schools, businesses and governmental support structures and projects.

Actively engage in transforming dysfunctional, single-minded generational societies back to thriving and functional multi-generational-minded societies that activate socio-economic development and stimulate economic activities for our future generations.

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Training sessions are set up to accommodate you and your friends. As the interest levels increase, we will have 2 or 3 sessions a week at fixed dates and times at venues in your area. Contact Us to let us know what venue is best to make use of.

Yes, you may. We can even come to your premises for a private session if you invite at least 5 colleagues to attend with you.

Yes, you can. But if you do, you will forfeit your (—-) database and your monthly income and all the incentives you could have earned if you’d stuck it out. You won’t be allowed to rejoin for 6 months.

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Governance By the People
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