Third Party Collaborations.

Below are the 3rd-party companies that the BizHub Group of Companies is collaborating with for YOUR benefit!

Business Networking.

The Friday Club Business Network Forum.

Connecting Business to Business.

FridayClub was established 31 years ago with the main aim of helping businesses to connect and grow!
The BGC is a registered member of the Friday Club.
Together we aim to grow businesses through connection and e-learning platforms.
We have all the hands-on tools needed to achieve this goal.
For us to help you, we need you to be engaged and connected!
If you DO NOT have enough business and you are NOT satisfied with your current situation, join the Friday Club!

BizHub's CEO, Paul, has known Allan Hammond, President of the Friday Club, for more than a decade and has been a member of the Club for many years. The Club meets every Friday morning at 7.45 for 8.00 am so it's attending members can tell everyone in the meeting who they are, what their business is and what specials they are offering.
Before the Covid pandemic the Club would meet at a number of different restaurants in Pretoria for a traditional breakfast and 1-on-1 meetings. These are still happening when circumstances allow, otherwise we meet in Zoom calls.

Members do business with each other and refer each other to outside customers.
When they do this, or when they give exemplary service, they are given accolades in the meeting.
When members hear someone asking about a product or service that they know someone in the Club can provide, they share these leads with one another.

Guests are invited to attend meetings, and should they wish to become a member, they speak to Allan or to one of the management team. All paid-up members can list their businesses in GrowSA, Gr8Biz, the Fridayclub website and in for greater exposure.

Other features exist, and I know Allan will be happy to explain more, so please get in touch with him.
His Cell no. is 076 948 2641 and his email address is

Parcel Tracking.

Why We Use What3words.

At BizHub Central we have included a What3words field at Checkout to make parcel deliveries faster and easier.
(Below is the Paypal Express Checkout example, supplied by What3words. BizHub doesn't use Paypal):

Go to Google Play Store or the App Store and download the What3words app to your phone.

Open the app in your phone, step outside and find the 3m x 3m square outside your front door or front gate, then write down and save the 3 words identifying that spot. Give it to people who are looking for your place - couriers or visitors. They must have the app on their phones, too. Tell them how to use it. See Youtube videos below.
Just type the 3 words, each separated by a period (full stop), eg: mouse.juices.skip - without spaces) and Google Maps will find your destination and guide you to it, no matter how remote it is.

Customers: When you buy a product in the BizHubMall and Proceed to Checkout, insert the What3words for your front door/gate in the field provided, and you will soon receive your parcel.

Retailers: Give the What3words code and physical address to the delivery company. They will take it from there.
When a customer provides a What3words address, it can go on the label as an extra line.

Watch these 3 videos to learn more about What3words!

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