Ewallets and Debit Cards

BizHub management wants to help SME’s and consumers earn extra money and avoid losses due to theft or misappropriation of their funds, especially since the SA govt. said they were going to force pension fund managers to invest in so-called “prescribed assets”, namely the failed parastatals of Eskom, SABC, SAA, Denel, and others. Anyone whose money goes into these businesses can kiss it goodbye, because their debt is so huge that in Jan 2020, at the time of writing, out national debt is already at the R3 TRILLION mark!
This means that every man, woman and child in SA owes approx. R55.8 million!
Our interest on this debt is R173 BILLION per annum!

By speaking to people we have learned that 99% of them (by our estimate) a) do not have enough money set aside for emergencies, b) have no money set aside for retirement and c) are not earning enough to cover basic monthly overheads, even those with jobs.

We have therefore signed up for the services of a secure and well-established company that provides local and intenational ewallets and VISA/MasterCard debit cards, for ZAR on the one hand, and USD, GBP and EUR on the other.
The idea is that South Aficans who want to earn local and foreign currency (and even crypto) to travel, transact overseas or even emigrate can do so, and their money will be safely stored in their local or international ewallets. The debit cards are the vehicle through with they can spend.
Each ewallet is totally private and anonymous, meaning that people will know you have this money only if YOU tell them!

Every merchant who becomes a tenant in our online mall, and every person who subscribes to our Sales Account Program will get these ewallets and debit cards for free. (We absorb the cost).
They will then be able to either sign up family members so they can get their own ewallets and debit cards and the opportunity to earn commissions by selling the BizHub services, or they can purchase ewallets and cards for them.
Transferring of funds between ewallets can be done in real time and at zero cost, anywhere in the world.
All commissions earned from BizHub will be paid automatically into their ewallet at the end of every month.

We have also bought software that will enable Sales Account subscribers (Agents) and Mall Tenants to get digital, interactive business cards to hand out via email, social media and smartphone, tablet or computer.
“Interactive” means they can put a web link or email link into their cards and people can go there simply by clicking on the links.

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