BizHub Central is an online shopping mall and Business Development Plan (BDP). The Mall was created specifically to provide an affordable web presence for South African businesses, where customer traffic is shared by all to help boost their traffic and sales, and as a 1-stop online shopping platform for all SA consumers to make use of. The BDP was developed to TEACH merchants how to start and run successful online retail businesses, to CREATE business opportunities (like Dropshipping) and PROVIDE lucrative residual incomes for everyone willing to make the effort required to achieve success. We provide all the tools and training. BizHub operates throughout SA, and its Head Office is in Olympus, Pretoria East. 

You have 2 options.
1. You need to register as a Tenant in the BizHub Central web site. You get a mall page (or pages, depending on what you need), and your own (Free) Shop. The mall page is your display window, and the Shop is where you list your products AND services (including subscription services) for sale to the public. This Shop is uniquely yours. It does not include products or services belonging to any other merchants.
Visitors to the mall will come to your display window to see what your business is about, and then enter the Shop to buy your products or services.

2. If you don’t want or need your own web page, you can get a cheaper listing in a Category specific to your industry in the BizHub Mall for a lower monthly rental, to save your capital for other expenses. We are currently running a Special whereby the first 100-500 merchants to register as Vendors in the Mall can register for FREE and pay ZERO monthly rentals, only a commission per sale. Your products and services will be combined with those of others in your industry.
Click Here to register as a BizHub Tenant or a Vendor. Read the available options and choose the one you prefer. 

Whether you want your own web page and Shop or whether you want a listing in an Industry Category, you must provide us with your company name and logo, contact person, contact details and information about your goods – descriptions, images, videos (if any), prices, specials, etc. If your web page needs regular updating, eg: if you sell one-off items that need constant replacing like classic cars or property, we can teach you how to manage your product listings yourself, or you can subscribe to our Monthly Maintenance Plan and we will update your page/category for you whenever you tell us what to add, remove, replace or edit. We offer a same-day service. Choose from 1 to 4 hours per month.

1. Tenants. You can have as little as a single web page with 10 unique elements, starting at R2,500 per page per year, plus a rental (currently On Special) of only R250 per page pm FOR SME TENANTS, payable 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.

This is a Special Price, as our normal monthly page rental cost is R650 per page pm, (instead of R250 pm) so you save R400 pm!

So you can be a Tenant for R2,500 web design per page  + R250 pm page rental.
Your Shop is free and it is uniquely your own. We teach you for FREE how to list your products, or we charge R500/hour to do it for you.  

2. Vendors. If you don’t want your own shopfront (mall page) and private shop, you can still list unlimited products in industry-specific categories in the BizHub Mall. Here you will share space with other merchants in your industry, FREE (ie: no monthly rental, as Option 1 in the Registraion Form), or you can pay R200 or R350 pm and pay a lower sales commission. 

Our Business Development Plan (BDP) is uniquely our own creation. It is based on our CEO’s grounding in FMCG as a sales rep for manufacturing companies in Durban, where he lived at the time, and the training he received as an estate agent and as an insurance salesman. The BDP combines the best elements of his 51 years’ experience in both selling and marketing.

When you subscribe to the Business Development Plan for just R300 pm, you receive on-going training, tools and materials that TEACH you how to start and run a successful online retail business. You can also become a Dropshipper and sell goods on behalf of suppliers as a reseller. We teach you how to do that, too. It’s a very lucrative business model with minimal capital outlay required.

As a BDP subscriber, you are buying your own income-producing mini-business under the BizHub umbrella. It has all the infrastructure and admin put in place already for you. When you market the BDP to others who need it, you earn 25% in residual commissions on your Personal Sales, paid monthly from your first sale onwards.

Just 4 sales will cover your subscription fee and from then on you get access to the full spectrum of support, training, marketing tools, sales materials and business networking Zoom meetings (sharing of leads and customers) that being a BizHub Mall Tenant or Vendor provides.
You also get your own ewallet and debit card, digital business card, blog post and forum category, plus many on-going performance-based rewards and incentives throughout the year.

The BDP can be your primary or secondary source of income, together with your product sales income. 

And because the BDP income is residual, it can quickly become your Retirement Plan, where you can eventually stop working and enjoy the fruits of your labour, far into the future!

The extended benefit of the BDP is that it links Merchants and Consumers together in a continuous loop, for their mutual benefit. Merchants advertise to our Business Associates (BA’s) and give them preferential discounts when they buy from them. This way, they get more sales from a target market and an additional income. BA’s automatically qualify for these discounts from our Merchants, and when they sell the Plan and other BizHub products and services to others, they earn money to spend at the Merchants’ Shops and elsewhere. Go to Income Plan for more info. Remember, you are buying a fully fledged mini-business for only R300 per month. Choose from 3 payment options. The more you pay upfront, the more benefits you get.

To register with the BDP, click on your Introducer’s Referral Link to join their Sales Team. Then follow the prompts and links they email you, explaining how to register and how to login to your private back office and find your own Referral Link.
This link is uniquely your own. It has “cookies” embedded in it that tell the software who you are, who your customers are, and that you have earned commission on a successful sale. You can also see your reports, analytics, customer database, turnover, commissions and more in your back office, which has been set up just for you.

If you don’t have an Introducer, you can register from our “Forms” tab in the top menu, but you must first click on our admin link so we will be your Introducer.
Here it is:

Complete the BDP Registration Form and make payment for 1, 3 or 6 months. Then, when you receive your Welcome Letter, you can login and start listing products, or start learning how to sell the BDP to others. We provide all the materials you need. 
As soon as you have FOUR sales, your cost is covered and the entire service is FREE from then on!
People who subscribe for 3 or 6 months in advance are given incentives as a “thank you” for their support.

R300 per month, or R900 for 3 months (you save on bank fees) or R1,800 for 6 months (you save on bank fees AND you get a 1gm pure silver coin to start off your Bullion Portfolio).

Our CEO was selling interactive sales videos and automated prospecting surveys to SME businesses (Small & Medium Enterprises) through his other company, Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos (AMSAV). His customers needed to have a web site, shopping cart, checkout page and payment gateway to receive payment directly from the video.

He learned that most small business owners don’t have web sites, because they are too expensive and contain a lot of features the entrepreneurs don’t need.
He saw a gap in the market and decided to close it by creating affordable web sites with only what the owner would need to market their businesses effectively, and nothing more. And he needed to create a convenient online shopping platform where many business could be found by consumers from which to shop, from the safety and comfort of their own homes.
The concept encourages consumers to introduce their favourite local retailers to the platform, where they could continue to shop and even get discounts that they are not getting currently.
And so BizHub Central, South Africa’s Premier Online Shopping Mall and Business Development Plan, was born!
See our Home page for more details.

We don’t offer jobs, because we want people to earn incomes in proportion to the efforts they put in.
Salaries don’t encourage entrepreneurial thinking and a strong work ethic.
Commissions based on performance do!
In a job, someone else determines your value, and they pay you accordingly, preferably as little as the law allows.
As an entrepreneur, YOU are in control of your income. You value yourself far higher than an employer would, and you will naturally work harder and pay yourself more.

Therefore, we offer business opportunities to our  Business Associates who are not afraid to go out and talk to people about BizHub Central and close deals.
Introduce Merchants to BizHub Central as Tenants and Vendors and earn commissions when they buy their web pages, take Optional Extras, list products in their Shops and buy space in Industry Categories to list their product ranges in.

Join our Business Development Plan and earn commissions when you sell the Plan to Merchants and Consumers alike. These commissions provide you with a residual income that will one day become your Retirement Plan.

For more information on how it works, go to the Income Plan.
To register,
click on your Introducer’s Referral Link (or on our admin’s Referral Link if you don’t have an Introducer) to subscribe to the Income Plan and to join their Sales Team. The Registration Form will enable you to make your initial payment by EFT or debit or credit card from our Shop’s Checkout Page, and thereafter via our secure payment gateway.

No problem! We cater for you, too!
Buy a mall page and private shop or list products in our Mall categories, or do both! 

The most important benefit to Merchants is the SHARED TRAFFIC you all enjoy as residents in our Mall. The combined traffic flows we get are far more than any stand-alone web site will ever get, no matter how many people know about your web site. Consider this: 1,000 merchants with 3,000 customers each is 3,000,000 potential customers visiting the Mall. Compared to one Merchant’s 3,000 customers visiting their stand-alone web site.
It’s a no-brainer!

We will write a blog post telling our mechants, consumers and visitors that you are now a resident in our Mall, and we will give them your link that will take them to your web page, where they can interact with you and make purchases. 
It’s important that you  list your products in the BizHub Mall and make use of our Shop Categories, checkout page and payment gateways.
This will cut down on the number of clicks consumers have to make and prevent them from “surfing” because they get too impatient too quickly.

You can also participate in our Business Development Plan to offer our Business Associates Preferential Discounts to attract more visitors to your Mall Page and to earn a supplementary income!

All You Need To Know

more frequently asked questions

Training sessions are set up to accommodate you and your friends. As the interest levels increase, we will have 2 or 3 sessions a week at fixed dates and times at venues in your area. Contact Us to let us know what venue is best to make use of.

Yes, you may. We can even come to your premises for a private session if you invite at least 5 colleagues to attend with you.

Yes, you can. But if you do, you will forfeit your Sales Team database and your monthly income and all the incentives you could have earned if you’d stuck it out. You won’t be allowed to rejoin for 6 months.

Currwntly we offer cars, cash, ewallets, debit cards and discounts. In future we will offer savings plans, loan facilities, funeral cover, travel, merchandise and much more. Click Here for the Incentives page.

We are currently running a Special Deal of 3 months’ rent free on Web Page Rentals and Product Listing Rentals. All our prices have been reduced by 80%-90% to attract new customers and merchants, and because the traffic volumes in the mall are still low. When they increase, so will costs, so it’s better to get in now and save a lot of money.

You can easily earn a 6-figure income, as long as you maintain your position, talk to people and make new sales on a daily basis. We can ask you some questions so we can accurately determine what your monthly income should be. 

We currently have 12 domains and most of their web sites are under construction. We have 2 malls in South Africa.

You can call Paul, our CEO, and set up a meeting with him. He will answer all your questions and help you to register with the program. He will even tailor-make a setup for you and your business that will suit your budget. His details are on the Contact Us page.

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