As of today, 29 December, 2020,

South Africa is back at covid stage 3 lockdown!

Many businesses, especially SMEs, won't survive this if they keep doing what they are doing! It's time to change up a gear and BECOME A BIZHUB ONLINE MALL VENDOR!


BizHub Central Merchants'
"Gift Card" Giveaway

The first 500 merchants to register and list products for sale in the BizHubMall will receive a Gift Card valued at R1,050 that covers all costs for their first 3 months' usage, except for transaction fees.

We are offering you TWO Special Deals today.
1. 3 months' FREE EVERYTHING (except transaction fees) when you register as a BizHubMall Vendor. See more details below.
2. Retailers and consumers can both subscribe to our Business Development Plan (BDP) for only R300 pm to (a) learn how to run a successful online business from our Mall and (b) how to generate a SERIOUS residual income using our BDP Income Plan's Success Formula.
You must be "IN IT TO WIN IT!" See more details below.

Typical comment: "I already have a web site. I don't need to be in your mall."
Our Reply: The only visitors you are getting are people who ALREADY KNOW YOUR COMPANY EXISTS.
The lifeblood of every business, big or small, is a constant flow of new customers and sales.
In our Mall, people are invited by every merchant to visit their Mall Pages and many will discover your business when they browse. You will pick up "spin-off" sales from other merchants' customers and
vice versa. So, instead of only a few thousand customers, you could have a regular flow of MILLIONS!

As a BizHubMall Vendor, you get

share the traffic!!

This Gift Card provides the following services for 3 months, enough time for merchants to register, list all their products, start advertising their presence in the Mall and start making sales - with our help!

■ Free Registration.
■ Free Account, Login and person-to-person Product listing training.
■ Full Brand Recognition.
■ Transact and interact directly with your customers, not through a middleman.
■ Get spin-off business from increasing shared traffic volumes as more merchants register.
■ Get seen by thousands more customers than a stand-alone web site can offer.
■ Free Support for 3 months.
■ Free rent for 3 months.
■ Free use of our checkout page and payment gateway merchant agreements.
■ Your own ewallet and prepaid card, so you can take back control of your money.
■ Your own Free Blog and Q&A Forum to discuss your products with Mall visitors.
■ No shipping cost of goods to a central warehouse. You hold your own stock.
■ No storage fees.
■ Recommended courier services.
■ What3words is incorporated into our checkout page for accurate and swift deliveries.
■ No reduction of your profits. You sell at full markup.
■ The BizHub Business Development Plan (BDP) is a carefully selected bundle of valuable products and services sold on a subscription basis for only R300 per month. As a Subscriber, you get a captive audience of fellow BizHubMall users, ie: merchants and consumers who want to grow their online businesses and/or generate additional incomes.Vendors can offer Preferential Discounts to BDP members and attract a target market earning more than enough money from our Income Plan to shop with.
■ You can subscribe to the BDP yourself for R900 per quarter (3 months) to get training on retail sales and how to run a successful online business, plus many more features (eg: ewallet & card).
■ When you sell the BDP as a product to others, you earn a retail & performance-based residual income over 4 levels with promotions and bonuses as your and your Sales Team's combined turnover increases. (You even get rewarded for training, assisting and motivating your Team).

NOTE! Your only cost as a BizHub Mall Vendor is a percentage of
sales, ONLY PAYABLE when a sale is made. No Sales = No Cost.
You have nothing to lose, nothing to fear and everything to GAIN!

Your Sales Agent:

Paul von Wildenrath


+2774 267 5500


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