How to Register as a
BizHub Affiliate in 10 Easy Steps.

1. Open a new tab in your browser and paste in your Introducer’s Referral Link.
If you don’t have an Introducer, paste or type in this link:
When you register from this link, you will be placed in BizHub Admin’s Sales Team.
2. In the top menu, click on “Shop” then on “Affiliate Program” (1st option) to open the Affiliate Program Category. When the Category page opens, you can register for either the “Free” or “Paid” option. 
3. Click the blue button that says “Sign Up Now”. A tick will appear next to “Sign Up Now” and beneath it you will see “View Basket”.
4. Click “View Basket”. You will be taken to the “Cart” page. Leave the “Quantity” as 1. 
5. Click “Proceed to Checkout”.
On the “Checkout” page, fill in all your details under “Billing Details”. Create a user name (eg: jbloggs39, all lowercase) and create a strong password (min. 8 characters, with upper & lower case letters, and numbers).
The software uses these details when it creates your account.
Personal Information is required. All the following are compulsory fields.
First name
Last name
Street Address
Post Code/Zip
Email Address
Account User Name
Create Account Password
6. Recommended: To do an Instant EFT, click the radio button next to “Ozow”. Follow the prompts to make payment.
7. Tick the box next to “I have read and agree to the website Terms and Conditions” and then click on “Sign Up Now”. This activates the software to create your BizHub Affiliate Account.
You will receive an email telling you that your account has been created.
You will receive a “Welcome” email with a Debit Order Authority and Service Agreement to complete, sign and email back to us. This is for your future subscriptions.
8. To find your Referral Link, go to and click on “My Account” in the top menu, and login.
9. Once you are logged in, you will see “Affiliate Area” in the drop-down menu on the left under “My Account”.
It’s the 2nd to last item, above “Logout”.
Click on it and you will immediately see your Referral Link. Memorise it, or copy and paste it into the “Login Details” Word.docx file and save it in the “BizHub Central > Login Details” sub-menu.
If you use “jbloggs39” as your user name, for example, your unique Referral Link will be:
(Please don’t use this user name. It’s for example only)!
NOTE! To save your login details:
Open MSWord and type in your Referral Link, user name and password and your Order No. 
Call the doc “My BizHub Login Details”. (always add the date).
In “My Documents” (MSWindows) create a New Folder called “BizHub Central” and make sub-menus called “Login Details”, “Correspondence” and “Marketing”.
Save your Word.docx file to “BizHub Central > Login Details”.
10. Remember to tell business owners you socialise with about BizHub Central and the BizHub Mall (2 separate web sites).
If you are a Tenant in BizHub Central, tell them that you are (show them your site), at:  
Your site is a sub-domain of BizHub Central, so you don’t pay hosting fees.
You can also register to display your goods in the BizHub Mall where you place your items in specific Industry Categories.
Also tell them you subscribe to the BizHub Affiliate Program where you earn a residual monthly income when you successfully promote the BizHub concept to others, and invite them to join as well to earn extra income. 
That will impress them and it proves that you are putting your money where your mouth is!
Just give them enough information to get them interested, then ask if I can contact them, then get me their name, cell no. and email if they say ‘yes’.
You never know when someone will want to join us, but didn’t know it before you told them about us!
BTW, it’s important that you ask them to email or Whatsapp their details to you, then you can forward them to us, so we have written proof that they gave us permission to contact them. This is in case someone decides to report us for spamming them. It’s happened before, and it takes a lot of trouble and effort to get reinstated.
This is just a safety precaution.
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