Earn a R50,000 cash bonus -
BizHub affiliate program Incentive

The BizHub Affiliate Incentive package
is one of best and most lucrative sales commission packages you'll ever see!

When you and your Sales Team have jointly sold the BizHub Online Shopping Mall concept to 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 people, with monthly turnovers of R100k, R250k and R500k pm respectively, this qualifies YOU, as the Team Leader, to receive a bonus worth R10,000, R25,000 or R50,000 by the CEO of BizHub Central, Paul
von Wildenrath, at a gala event to celebrate your achievement! 
You will receive recognition by your peers at a special function in your honour, to say “Thank You” for all the effort you put into selling the BizHub Central concept and for motivating your Sales Team to do the same!
Read further and you will see how we have provided ideas on how you can achieve this in 3-9 months OR LESS!
You start from the day you join!  Then start helping the people in your Team to do exactly what you are doing – to read the web site, read all the documentation and watch all the videos, so you are able to answer every question ever put to you.
Help them also to break even (min. 10 Personal sales) and to get past the slow startup period. Motivate everyone in your Team to make just 2 (or more) sales per day, per week or per month each, so they can get Performance Bonuses, too! (See and use the Power of 2 table below).
Your average monthly income from this turnover will be between R10,000 and R50,000 pm!
To achieve this, you need to MOTIVATE yourself AND your Team to bring in as many new Vendors, Consumers and Affiliates every week as possible.
The more you talk to people, the more money you earn!
Once you achieve this turnover, as the Team Leader you will qualify for a Performance Bonus of R10,000, R25,000 or R50,000.
NOTE! If you reach the 1,000 sales mark and you take the R10,000 bonus, when you reach 2,000 sales and you qualify for the R25,000 bonus you will get the difference of R15,000 plus your increased monthly income. And if you take the R25,000 bonus, you will get the difference again of R25,000 when you achieve 3,000 Personal and Team sales.
NOTE! Every person in your Team is their own Team Leader, so when THEIR Teams have done the necessary monthly turnovers, they will also qualify to receive these bonuses! THAT is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ONLY invite conscientious, sharing, self-motivated and hard-working people into your Team who are DEDICATED to SUCCESS!

To achieve this success, you should use the principle of…..

The Power of 2!

All it takes is the consistent effort of each person in your Team only making 2 sales per day, week or month each! As the Team Leader it is YOUR JOB to MOTIVATE your Team Members to achieve this. It’s for your own good and for theirs!Remember, the monthly subscription is the KEY to our income secret!It is necessary so that everyone can earn a monthly residual income.
This progression is called “The Power of 2” because it is very achievable, by focusing on only making 2 sales, a number that everyone can deal comfortably with, then 2 more, then 2 more, and so on. Before you know it, you have made 100 or 1,000 sales! I call this “selling in bite-sized chunks”, but look how it snowballs!

Achievable? Of course it is! More than likely, the first 4 people
you sell to will also qualify for their bonuses shortly after you!

Then we can all go to a conference at a luxury resort,
give out the bonuses and have a great celebration!
And do it again every couple of months!

NOTE! This is when our soon-to-be-announced Travel Incentive will come in handy!
If you join BizHub Central just to become an Affiliate and share in its benefits, it will be worth your while!

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a BizHub Affiliate TODAY!

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