The BizHub Central Income Plan is a strictly retail-type commissions-for-sale or referrals system. It has nothing to do with MLM. 
The constant addition of new customers and new money is
every business’ lifeblood. 

And these retailers only want to give away a small amount of money, but you have to spend a LOT of money in their stores, to make these rebates worthwhile. But you can only redeem the points in their stores! You can’t get CASH out!

And they make NO EFFORT to provide you with extra cash that you can spend in their stores or elsewhere.
I mean, have you ever heard of such a thing?

Probably not!

So it’s most likely that the idea never occurred to them, nor would they know how to make it work! Or if it did occur to them, they dismissed it as being too extravagant.

But we KNOW how to make that idea work!

Because we believe that you must spend a LITTLE money to make a LOT of money!

We therefore decided to create an Income Plan that benefits Merchants and Consumers alike, keeps them “linked” together in a mutually beneficial relationship, and that goes way beyond what other retailers are offering, with a major TWIST!

The twist is this: Everyone purchases this Plan on a monthly subscription basis, for different reasons. They don’t get it for free, because we believe that anything that is free has zero value, otherwise it wouldn’t be free, would it?

So it is a PRODUCT – a mini-business – that must be PURCHASED for its inherent value, and also so it can be used to pay awesome sales rebates to the sellers.

And this Plan and its benefits are ONLY available to the people who subscribe to it.

Reasons Why People Subscribe to the BizHub Income Plan.

  1. Merchants who are BizHub Shopping Mall Tenants subscribe to the Plan so they can advertise their products and services to the Consumers who frequent the Mall, and who also Subscribe to the Income Plan themselves.
    In addition, the Merchants must give away Preferential Discount Vouchers of up to 10% off their goods as an incentive for Participants to buy from them.

  1. Consumers subscribe to the Plan so they can qualify for the discounts from the Merchants.

Now, here’s where Consumers must think smart!

Everyone loves getting discounts, right?

Consumers support local SMME retailers in their neighbourhood on a daily basis (eg: hair salons, restaurants, butcheries, petrol stations, outfitters), because they like the proximity, atmosphere, service, quality of goods and/or prices, but most likely they don’t get any discounts from them.

However, if they were to invite those retailers to become BizHub Tenants to get more traffic and sales, and into the Income Plan for greater business exposure and income, then they WILL start getting discounts that they never got before!

And they will be able to shop from the comfort of their own homes or offices, too!

The main benefit of participating in a subscribed Income Plan is that, having sold the concept to other people, who subscribe because they also want a share in these benefits, participants will earn sales rebates of up to 55% of the selling price, which can be R100, R300 , R600, R1,000 or R1,500 per month, payable monthly, 3, 6 or 12 monthly in advance.

That’s why we decided to go above and beyond!

We consider the Income Plan to be a product of BizHub Central SA, so when you bring Merchants and Consumers into the Plan, it’s because you SOLD them on the idea of joining, either to advertise their businesses or to qualify for the Preferential Discount Vouchers on offer.

The advantages of paying 3, 6 or 12 months in advance are are: 

  1. You save on bank fees by not paying monthly.

  2. You get paid 3, 6 or 12 months’ rebates at once every time someone you sell the Program to also subscribes 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. 

  3. You have 3 months or more in which to sell enough product to cover your own cost and get into profit. That’s just 1 sale per week for the same period!

Because the Salesman does most of the work, he (or she) gets from 10% to 30% commission on their personal sales turnover, and up to 25% in overriding commissions on their Team members’ sales.

That’s a total of up to 55% of the selling price…………and it’s RESIDUAL!

They get it EVERY MONTH! (Or every 3, 6 or 12 months, per individual).

And when you get our ewallet and debit card, the money can be paid directly into your ewallet account for immediate use. You can keep this income separate from your regular income.
No-one needs to know it’s there unless YOU tell them!

But we learned early on that so many people don’t know how to sell, or they hate selling, or they are afraid of rejection. After nearly 50 years in sales, our CEO knows from experience how crippling this fear and resistance can be.

(Fortunately, he doesn’t suffer from it, but he has seen so many “salesmen” who have).

Therefore, he has decided to pass his selling skills on to all the people who subscribe to the Plan, because he wants them to be able to sell the concept, make good money for themselves and all of us as a Team, and not hold back because they are afraid.

That’s when HE becomes YOUR salesman!

He created 5 awesome selling tools that do all the work for you, 24/7, on autopilot! You can purchase these tools from our Shop, or you can EARN them!

They are:

  • A personalised Landing Page (which contains everything)

  • A personalised Sales Video (a 6-minute overview of the company)

  • An automated Prospecting Survey (to find the right people to join your Sales Team)

  • A “How to Register” page (step-by-step instructions on how to sign up, without making any mistakes)

  • A unique Referral Link that you get when you have registered and paid your first subscription amount, that new participants click on to join and be placed in your Team, so you can be paid rebates on you sales.

Here are his personal links, for you to see what we’re talking about.

Click the links to see what YOUR selling tools will look like, personalised to you.

Read them all the way through, because if you plan to join us, you will need to first start educating yourself on what the business offers, and how to tell people about it. (We will be posting selling techniques and tips in the “Marketing” Category soon. These posts are only available to Income Plan subscribers.

You have to be registered and paid up, and you have to Login to see them).

Paul’s Landing Page:

Paul’s Sales Video:

Prospecting Survey:

Sales Account Survey:

How to Register:

Paul’s Referral Link:

If you want to join now, first open the How to Register page and then click on Paul’s Referral Link and refer constantly to the instructions during the signup process.

NOTE! If you already have an introducer, PLEASE register under them, NOT under Paul!

Follow the steps carefully and you can’t go wrong!

Your position will be “Pending” until we receive your payment.

Once the funds have cleared, you will be a fully-fledged participant in our illustrious Income Plan and your selling tools will be on their way to you.

(BTW, all our products and services are currently on Special).

Remember to open your Internet Banking tab, make a payment by EFT and save our bank details as a Beneficiary.

May you forever prosper!

BizHub Central SA Admin.
Cell: +2774 267 5500 (Call Paul directly)!

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