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The Compensation Plan
can be used in FOUR ways.

1. If you are unemployed and you need an income, the BizHub Comp. Plan can be your Primary Income. Get up every morning and go out, talk to people and invite them to subscribe, and explain the benefits to them. We will train you.

2. If you are employed and underpaid, promote your Comp. Plan Referral Link to earn a Second Income that will give you the extra cash you need to cover your overheads and create wealth. 

3. If you own a business, use the Comp. Plan to create a Supplementary Income to your product sales income by inviting your staff, suppliers and customers into the Plan, as well as your friends, family, neighbours and associates. This income is powerful enough to far exceed your product sales income! 

4. Self-employed Entrepreneurs and business owners can use the Compensation Plan as a Retirement Plan for themselves and their staff, without having to subsidise their monthly premiums, saving them a lot of money. Individuals can work hard and retire comfortably within a year of joining, and spend their time doing what they WANT to do, not what they HAVE TO do!

awesome benefits!


Each person who subscribes to the Bizhub Compensation Plan for R400 pm is known as a “Participant”. They are paid a “Sales Rebate” (commission) of 25% (R100) every time they personally sell the Comp. Plan concept to another person, who also subscribes to the Plan for R400 per month. So they only need to make 4 Personal Sales to break even and cover their own monthly subscription. And they earn overriding commissions of up to 25% on the sales made by the people in their Sales Teams, for a maximum income potential of 50% of their combined sales.

flat rate

Each subscription is R400 per month, whether paid monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or 12-monthly, and irrespective of the Participant’s age. In other words, whereas a Pension Plan will charge you more every month based on your age, we don’t do that. Plus, with a Pension Plan, you have to wait up to 45 years to get paid. With BizHub, from the time you start bringing other people into the Pan, you will start earning a monthly residual income. NO WAITING FOR YOUR MONEY!!

silver coin giveaway #1

Participants who pay 3, 6 or 12-monthly in advance earn 1, 2 or 4 x 1gm pure silver coins respectively with their initial payments, with which to start their Bullion Portfolios. These coins are currently worth R140 each, and are increasing in value.

silver coin giveaway #2

Participants get an additional 1gm silver coin for every 5 people they sell the Plan to, plus their Sales Rebates (5 x R100 = R500 per month). Make 50 Personal Sales (in your own time) and you will have 10 coins worth R1,400 and you will be earning R5,000 per month. This can easily be achieved by seeing a company owner and selling the concept to him and his staff members. Sell to at least 1 company a week and see your income skyrocket! The Plan will supplement their salaries and it will become their Retirement Plan eventually. The company owner will also NOT have to subsidise their premiums!
And they need not fear ever having their funds stolen or misappropriated.

status levels

Status levels are determined by how many “Team Members” (customers) you have in your Comp. Plan Sales Team. So the harder you work at promoting the Plan, the more customers you will have and the bigger your residual income will be.
This, in turn, determines how many additional benefits you get, and their value.

earn a r500,000 car!

When you, as the Team Leader, have sold and MOTIVATED your Team to sell a total of 3,000 subscriptions between you, your Team will be doing a turnover of R1,200,000 per month and YOU will qualify for a car of your choice to the value of R500,000. This can be achieved in 2½ months if everyone sells just 2 Plans a week, or in 9 months if everyone sells 2 Plans a month.
This is called “The Power of 2”.
It IS very achievable!
And everyone in your Team, when they and THEIR Team members have achieved the same goal, will also get the R500,000 reward. It’s our way of motivating you to greater heights, and to say “Thank You” for your efforts in helping us grow the business. You can take a cheaper car, or something other than a car, eg: a deposit on a house, and you will get that plus the balance, if any. It’s your choice. Or you can simply take the cash. And you will, by that point, be earning a residual income of approximately R150,000 per month! You’ll pay off a house in under 5 years instead of 20 or 30 years!

monetize your database!

Merchants and retailers can subscribe to the Compensation Plan and invite all the customers in their databases to join, too. Most business owners have databases with 1,000 – 6,000 customers, most of which are dormant, because they are not being serviced properly, or kept up to date on what’s happening in the business – like upcoming events, special deals, discounts, end-of-runs, discontinued items, replacement stock items, and more – or being asked to purchase items and partake of special deals, or to come into the store.
In other words, there is no communication with them, coming from the company.
If a merchant has a database of 5,000 people and they send out an email to all of them, inviting them to subscribe to the BizHub Compensation Plan, and gives them this page's link to read, I believe at least 10% of them will sign up. That’s 500 people joining the Comp. Plan under the merchant, earning them 500 x (R400 x 25%) = R50,000 per month residual income. And the person who introduced the merchant to BizHub will earn a 15% overriding commission, too (R30,000 pm).
And that’s from just one merchant!
So everybody scores!

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And we will GIVE YOU a 1gm pure silver coin, even if you only subscribe on a monthly basis. It's our gift to you for taking the survey and for registering with us TODAY!

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