BizHub Central SA

Key Features & Benefits

for ALL Merchants, Consumers and Agents who join us!


Become a BizHub Mall Tenant! Show SA’s consumers what you can do for them, and what products/services you offer them!


Join our Sales Accont Program! Work hard to promote the Program to your friends, family,  staff, co-workers, colleagues, suppliers, neighbours and social media friends. Earn a substantial residual income to supplement your sales or your salary. It will GROW with you every month, for as long as you subscribe! First read How to Register, then….. 


Need to earn more?

Become an Independent BizHub Agent and earn commissions on your ability to sell ALL our products, services and Sales Account benefits.

Features and Benefits.

Mall Tenancy

Sales Account Program

(First read How to Register
for step-by-step instructions).
Available Currencies
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