Here's How the BizHub Central Managed Account Service Works

Our highly successful Managed Account (MA) Service was created for business people and busy people who want the benefits offered by the BizHub Central Loyalty Program, but who don’t have the time or inclination to sell the concept to new Participants and grow their Loyalty Program income.

I have found that the majority of businesspeople I approach who initially declined the option of becoming a Loyalty Program Participant if they are required to sell the concept themselves, will readily sign up and take the Managed Account option.

The MA Service will provide work and an extra income for some Participants (trained as Account Managers), and the well-connected people who have no interest in selling the BizHub Central Loyalty Program will still earn something for doing nothing more than providing us with quality, qualified leads.

All it requires is that they make a few phone calls so their referrals are expecting a call from their Account Manager, and then to hand those leads over to their Account Manager.
That’s it, in a nutshell.

Here’s more detail on how the Managed Account Service works:

A new Merchant or Participant joins the Loyalty Program, usually a businessperson who wants to take advantage of the services we offer, but who is too busy or too focused on their own business to promote BizHub Central’s Loyalty Program to their customer database.

So the Merchant signs a Managed Account Agreement, authorising BizHub Central to build their Loyalty Program Sales Team for them.
BizHub Central appoints and trains existing Participants to manage these accounts and to market the Merchant’s Loyalty Program account for them.
The Merchant is placed on the Admin’s top line in the Loyalty Program, unless he is already signed up under an existing Participant. This is so his position can be offered in future as a Guaranteed SignUp (GSU).

The Merchant must provide his Account Manager with at least 20 quality leads, and they must qualify each of them with a phone call.
The Merchant must tell his referral that he has just joined BizHub Central because he can see the benefit in being associated with us, and that he wants his referral to join our Loyalty Program, too, for the same reasons.
He tells the referral that his Account Manager will be calling him, and that he must make an appointment to see him or allow him to email him an overview of the business.

Once the Account Manager has worked through the 20 leads, the Merchant must provide him with another 20 leads and repeat the above process, ad infinitum.
The income derived from this service is shared equally, 3 ways between the Merchant, the Account Manager and BizHub Central Admin, as all 3 play an equally important role.
Sales rebates are paid out from the new Participant’s first month onwards.

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