Your BizHub Central Marketing Tools.

The following marketing tools are available to you if you a) Become a Tenant in our online mall, and/or b) Subscribe to our Sales Account Program.
This is a comprehensive collection of valuable sales and marketing tools that we provide so you can grow your business and prosper.
That is our mission. We want YOU to succeed.
Only then do WE succeed!

No other company provides these tools to their agents!
Most of them are our own innovation! See below.

In all my 50 years in sales I haven’t seen any company go to such lengths to help their reps or agents sell their products.
I wanted to do more for our Merchants, Sales Account Program Subscribers and Customers.
You now have access to all these tools to help sell YOUR products from the BizHub Central shopping mall AND earn a powerful 2nd income in our Sales Account Program!

But you need to PICK UP the tools and USE THEM if they are to work for you!
If you do nothing, then you will get nothing.

If you are worried about spending money and not getting a return, you needn’t.
The mall is attracting more and more Merchants and Customers all the time.
BizHub Central is destined to become South Africa’s Alibaba, only BETTER!

Our prices are up to 90% less than the market rate, but for a short time only!

This is to make the service affordable and to attract more Merchants and Customers to the mall.
The returns far outweigh the cost!
You need to do your due diligence on us and read up on what we offer you, not just give us a cursory glance.
You will miss out on so much if you don’t take this service seriously!
And don’t waste time pondering “Should I, shouldn’t I…”


Make a DECISION, then make a COMMITMENT, and we promise you won’t look back!
Call or Whatsapp me, Paul (I’m the Founder and CEO of BizHub Central) on +27742675500 or email for more info or to apply to join us.
You can be a Tenant, a Sales Account Program Subscriber, a Sales Agent or all 3.

Online Mall:

All the items below are modular. You only pay for what you need, nothing more.
You can always buy more later.
  • Professionally Designed Web Page(s) – This is your shop front in our online mall, with your own URL, eg:
    You pay R2,000+ per web page, once off, and a small monthly rental.
    All visitors to the mall can see your web page in your city under your industry listing and they can enter your personal Shop to buy products and services from you, no matter who invited them there. We share ALL the traffic!
  • Free Shop – You get a FREE shop with your web page, where only YOUR products and services are listed for sale to the public. You get to use our shopping cart software, Checkout Page and secure Payment Gateway as part of the deal.
  • Landing Page – Even if you already have a web site, you can still be in the mall and get access to our increasing amount of traffic as more and more people discover us. Buy a single Landing Page with a link to your web site where people can go and buy from you!
  • Industry Categories – If you can’t afford or don’t want your own web page and shop, we have a cheaper alternative where you can have your products / services co-mingled with those of other merchants in the same Industry Category. Here you only pay a monthly subscription that includes your setup and product listing cost and your monthly rental.
  • Premier Listings – Always be seen first, at the top of your Merchant Listing page. Subscribe monthly.
  • Special Product Listings – 4 options to make your products more attractive to more people – Latest; Featured; Best Seller; Top Rated. Subscribe monthly.
  • Maintenance Plan – We will manage and update your web page and shop whenever it needs doing. Subscribe monthly.
  • Automated Prospecting Surveys – Weeds out the time wasters so you only approach the genuine buyers. Save yourself hours of time and wasted fuel. Use this tool to find the RIGHT customers for your products on autopilot! Make a R500 once-off payment, or earn it by introducing 5 new subscribers at Secondary Income Plan level (R600 pm subscription) or higher.
  • Sales Videos – We will promote your business for you on video. I have 50 years’ sales & marketing experience at your disposal.
    Pay R500 once-off, or sell the Program to 5 more subscribers and get one for free.
  • Free Mobile App. Every merchant who becomes a Tenant in our mall gets their own mobile app software to build an app for their business!
  • Digital business cards – All your contact details are included on an interactive digital business card that people can download, or you can send to them via email or social media. they can click on links in your card to go to your web site, online shop or app.

Sales Account Program:

  • Unique Sales Account Program Referral Link – your own URL to invite people into the Program, so you can get paid. Earn 10% – 30% on Personal sales and up to 25% of your Team’s sales.
  • Self-Replicating Web Site – You will earn commissions from anyone who buys from us off your self-replicating web page, which is an exact copy of our main web site.
  • Personalised Landing Page – This is your personal page with which to promote BizHub Central, its features and benefits. It contains your sales video, personal contact details and Referral Link. It tells people about the Program and earns you comm’s automatically.
  • Personalised, Automated Prospecting Survey – Finds the RIGHT people to join your Sales Team, 24/7, on autopilot.
  • Webinars – Attend our webinars and invite the people you want to introduce to BizHub. Let us do the presenting for you. You just bring your prospects to us.
    Here’s the link:
    No password is required. See the schedule on our Mobile app.
    If you can’t make it to our webinar, let us know if you prefer an alternative time and we will see what we can do for you. Try to invite at least 5-10 friends to attend with you, all from the comfort of your own homes.
    We can give you a recording of the webinar presentation if you can’t attend.
    Please Whatsapp Paul on +27742675500 or email for a copy of the recording.
  • Live Presentations – Attend a live presentation in your area! Organise your favourite venue, eg: your or a friend’s boardroom, church or school hall, quiet coffee shop (not one with music or loud talking in the background, or you will struggle to hear the videos) and invite 5-10 people to attend. Register for the Sales Account Program on the day of the presentation and we will use your R500 attendance fee to pay for your first month’s premium! And at every presentation we will have a Lucky Draw, where you have an excellent chance of winning a valuable prize!
  • Free Mobile App. Every person who subscribes to the Sales Account Program gets their own mobile app software to build an app for their business! It is an excellent marketing tool and contains up-to-date information on their business. They can add links to our webinar schedule and our login link. 
  • Mobile App Ads – Advertise your business on the app for as little as R250 pm. It will be seen by everyone who downloads the free app, including webinar attendees.
  • Managed Account Service – If you want to profit from our Sales Account Program but you don’t have the time or the inclination to market it, we will do it for you for an equal share of the profits. You provide us with 10-20 qualified leads at a time, and we will do the selling.
  • EARN Valuable Rewards – A Car, Bond Payment, Overseas Trip, Pay Off Debt, Vehicle, Medical or Education Costs, or Take the Cash! – This is an incentive for you to grow your Sales Account Program income. It takes a Team Effort, so sell the Program and teach your Team members to do the same. They just have to copy (what you do) and paste.
    Target 1: When you have 1,000+ people in your Team and you are doing a minimum R500,000 per month turnover in combined Personal and Team Sales, you will be earning roughly R45,000 – R90,000 per month and you can choose to accept a R200,000 reward or car of your choice, which is our way of saying “thank you” for your efforts, or you can take the reward and accept the incremental increase when you hit the next target, or you can wait and take the next target’s reward in full.
    Target 2: When you have 2,000+ people in your Team and you are doing a minimum R1,000,000 per month turnover, you will be earning roughly R90,000 – R135,000 per month and you can choose to accept a R350,000 reward or car of your choice, or you can take the incremental reward and accept the incremental increase when you hit the next target, or you can wait and take the next target’s reward in full.
    Target 3: When you have 3,000+ people in your Team and you are doing a minimum R1,500,000 monthly turnover, you will be earning roughly R135,000 – R180,000 per month and we will GIVE you a R500,000 reward or car of your choice to say “thank you” for your efforts, or the increment if you have already taken your previous rewards.
    NOTE! It is possible to achieve Target 3 in just 3-9 months, using The Power of 2 Principle! You and everyone in your Team must each sell the Program to 2 people per week or per month.
  • Your Team members will get the same rewards when they achieve the same goals, and they will boost YOUR income when they work to meet these targets.
With all these tools at your disposal, how can you fail to succeed?
Only if you don’t join BizHub, and only if you don’t pick up the tools and use them!
Find the tools that suit you best, and use them constantly and consistently.
You can earn them or pay for them. You have many choices.
Remember, the reason why corporate companies and banks are closing 100’s of branches and why SME businesses are closing down is because they haven’t yet realised that 80% of people now shop online, and the high rents they are paying for shops in physical malls only cater for 20% of the potential market, which is only those within driving distance and only those who know of your shop’s existence!
They are stuck in the old mindset for doing business, perhaps because they are afraid of change, and as a result are paying more to get less!
BizHub has picked up on the trend for online shopping.
We are filling a gap in the market and we are offering YOU a space in our mall, at a fraction of your physical rent, to grab and hold the attention of the bulk of today’s shoppers.
We all need help sometime.

Let us help you market your business better to more people!

In return, you will be helping us, so we both win!
Here’s a table that compares, factually, the difference between the BizHub online mall and a physical mall.
Physical Mall
BizHub Central Online Mall
High cost of shopfitting (+/-R1,500,000+) and rentals averaging R20,000 – R65,000 pm.
Buy professionally designed web pages for R2,000+ each and pay rent from R350 – R200 per page pm, payable 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly.
Only caters to people living within a 3-5 km driving distance of the mall.
Caters for customers from around the city, the country and the world.
People have to drive to the mall to buy from you. Fewer and fewer people are doing this.
People can shop with you from the comfort of their homes, from anywhere in the world.
You have to fight through traffic at least twice a day to go to your store.
You work from home, too.
You can only open for set times of the day and days of the week.
Your store is open 24/7/365.
You have to insure everything at an additional monthly cost.
No insurance is necessary, only a good antivirus program with a once-off purchase.
No supplementary income plan or retirement plan is offered.
We offer a powerful and very lucrative Sales Account Program with 4 variations, including a Retirement Plan.
Most retailers accept cash, debit and credit cards and EFT. Some accept Zapper and Snapscan.
We don’t accept cash, only cash deposits as well as all the others, including EFT, debit & credit cards,  Zapper and Snapscan QR Code scanning, and we accept recurring billing by debit order.
Retailers with shops in physical malls only cater to 20% of the potential market. They are missing out on the 80% who shop online.
Retailers with shops in the BizHub online mall cater for the 80%+ of people who now shop online on a regular basis.
Some physical mall retailers have stand-alone web sites that are only visited by people who know they are there.
BizHub Tenants’ shops are seen by every other Tenant’s visitors. We are a “go-to” destination, so they pick up lots of “spin-off” business from people who didn’t even know they existed.
Physical mall shop owners and their staff rarely promote themselves to people online, because most of them seem not to be computer literate; or technophobic at worst.
BizHub Tenants use smartphones, apps, tablets and computers to monitor their businesses all the time, so they promote themselves online a lot, using emails and social media.
And now, we have added our Business Networking Platform and tools so merchants can send each other personal referrals to secure more sales from interested buyers. No physical mall offers this feature!
Call or Whatsapp Paul (Founder and CEO of BizHub Central) on +2774 267 5500 and I will answer all your questions, give you confidence and help you start promoting your business PROPERLY on the BizHub platform!
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