the BizHub mini biz initiative

Making Small Businesses GREAT!

For ALL Merchants, Consumers and Agents who join us!

Buy your own, ready-made Mini Biz! Work hard to promote your Mini Biz to your friends, family,  staff, co-workers, colleagues, suppliers, neighbours and social media friends. You earn a substantial residual income to supplement your sales or your salary when they register, too. 

Need to Earn More?

Become an Independent BizHub Agent and earn commissions on your ability to sell ALL our products, services and Mini Biz benefits.

Features and Benefits.

Use Our Expertise and Technology!


The "Mini Biz" Incentive

was created to enable all BizHub Central's tenants, agents, visitors & customers to buy our ready-made businesses with established products and incentives to sell, to become successful entrepreneurs and earn above-average incomes, now at affordable monthly rentals!


Innovative Technology

No need for a large capital outlay. Pay a low monthly rental and save your capital. Automated sales and marketing tools are provided. Become a successful BizHub Mini Biz entrepreneur. TELL people about the Mini Biz initiative. Earn monthly commissions when they register.

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Incognito Ewallet

BizHub provides every vendor, agent and customer with a free international ewallet account. Register for your ewallet before you buy or sell. Get ewallets for your family, especially those out of town or overseas. Transfer funds instantly and at low cost. Learn more about this awesome feature.

What you get as a
BizHub Mini Biz Owner:

  • You get your own ready-made business under the BizHub umbrella with massive income potential, based entirely on your and your Team’s sales efforts. You are buying the use of our skills, knowledge, experience, infrastructure, admin, training, sales & marketing tools, reports, analytics and more.
  • Merchants (Tenants) in our Mall can use this platform to advertise to Mini Biz owners and offer them exclusive Preferential Discounts to encourage sales.
  • You get the entire admin and infrastructure you need to run and manage your Mini Biz properly and professionally, provided by BizHub management.
  • Your own “My Account” back office, where you will find all your reports, analytics, customers, Team members, sales, commissions and more. 
  • Your own Referral Link and self-replicating web site to register new customers from, so the software knows who to pay and how much.
  • Your self-replicating web site is an exact replica of the main BizHub site. The only difference is that when someone buys off your BizHub web site, YOU earn the commissions!
  • Buy or earn powerful, personalised, automated selling tools that will sell for you 24/7/365.
    All you have to do is put their links out there. We will teach you how to use them.
    (You will always have our support. Just ask for help and we will give it to you).
  • Buy our CEO’s Sales Training Manual, or apply to attend his Sales Training Classes to improve your selling skills. These are skills that you will never lose, and they will afford you a comfortable income throughout your life, if you learn them well and apply them diligently and consistently.
  • Your own private and anonymous international ewallet in which to store your earnings and an account that allows you to transfer money in any currency to any country instantly and at minimal cost.
  • Debit cards with which to make purchases online and offline, in ZAR and several other currencies (coming soon). 
  • Access to all participating Merchants’ Preferential Discount Vouchers, exclusive to BizHub Mini Biz owners.

How the BizHub Mini Biz
Supplementary Income Plan Works:

The BizHub Central SA online Shopping Mall was designed to give SMME (small and medium sized) business owners in South Africa an affordable web presence so they can get online exposure of their goods and services and share the spend of the more than 85% of consumers who now shop online.
Everyone who joins BizHub as a Merchant, a Consumer or an Agent can subscribe to our Income Plan and use it to refer people to sellers, and to receive referrals from other subscribers. 
You become a PAID SUBSCRIBER only if you want to buy a BizHub mini-biz to earn money from (see above). Your monthly fee covers the cost of all the admin and infrastructure that we provide. You can also earn or purchase the many personalised, automated selling tools we create for you.
Your job is to find customers who want or need our services and sell to them, using our tools.
Income Plan subscribers earn a monthly residual income (sales rebates, or commissions) when they sell the BizHub Income Plans, web pages, mall tenancies and their associated products to Merchants and Consumers.
Our mission is to create entrepreneurs and train them to be independent and self-sufficient.
Other products include advertising for Bizhub Mall Tenants, and Preferential Discounts of up to 10% off, provided by the Merchants, when Consumers spend money in their online stores. There are also several valuable sales incentives given to Subscribers who make an effort to achieve pre-set goals.
Your Income Plan is entirely your own and is totally private.
No-one will know it’s there, unless YOU tell them!
You control and manage it from your “My Account” back office on our web site.
You get your own, unique login details.
The Income Plan was designed to offer 5 status levels (payment options) – Starter, Primary, Secondary, Supplementary and Retirement – and 4 payment periods – monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly and 12-monthly – to make it affordable for everyone.
And the more you pay up front, the bigger your incentives! See Commissions.
The Income Plan can be a current income for people who either have no income or who earn too little to live comfortably, and it doubles as a future Retirement Plan, which most entrepreneurs need desperately, especially as they grow older, are unable to work at the same pace, and start spending more on health care and welfare.
Income Plans are available to all merchants, consumers and BizHub sales agents, living in South Africa and abroad.
By working smart, you can make your commissions pay for your subscriptions and upgrades!
By promoting the Plans DILIGENTLY and CONSISTENTLY,  you should never have to pay out of your pocket after your first installment!
The 5 payment plans are Starter Income Plan, Primary Income Plan, Secondary Income Plan, Supplementary Income Plan and Retirement Plan.
Monthly premiums are R100, R300, R600, R1,000 and R1,500 pm respectively.
1st tier comm.’s on each option (ie: Personal Sales) are 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% respectively.
Overriding commissions on your Team’s sales are a max. of 25% throughout.
Members can start low and upgrade, 
using their commissions, as more people join their Team and they earn more.
The Starter Income Plan.
Our Starter Plan at just R100 pm is designed to help poor people who need a hand to get started earning a decent income, or those who have just left school, college or varsity and who have no job prospects. They can upgrade as they build their business (yes, this will be their full-time business).
If they don’t have R100 available, they can co-own a position with 1, 3 or 4 other people, and each then pays only R50 pm, R25 pm or R20 pm. The position is in the name of the first person to register, and eventually the others will get their own positions in the principle account holder’s Sales Team, with their own Sales Teams consisting of the people they each invited into the program. 
As long as they all work together and share their efforts and resources to make sales and generate income.
NOTE! You can co-own any of the 5 status options to get started at higher levels with bigger commissions to earn much more money for doing the same amount of work!
12 is the magic number of sales to make per person!
This will bring you MAXIMUM RETURNS for the LEAST AMOUNT of effort! Of course, the more sales you make, the better you get at it, so keep going past no. 12 and earn ever increasing monthly returns.
You earn 10% sales rebates (commission) on Personal Sales at this level, so you need  to make 10 sales to other people at the same level (Starter Plan) to cover their own monthly premium and break even. If you sell to people who subscribe at higher levels, you will earn 10% of whatever their contribution is. 
So if you sell a R1,000 subscription to someone, you will earn 10% of that, which is R100.
That alone will cover your own monthly subscription with just 1 sale!
And you’ll earn up to 25% overriding commissions on your Team’s sales. 
The Primary Income Plan.
The Primary Income Plan is designed to provide an immediate income for people who are unemployed or who have lost their businesses and have no income at all.
It has a subscription of R300 pm, which research has shown us is affordable to most people.
This is our 2nd Most Popular option.
This Plan can also be co-owned by 3, 5 or 6 people, who each pay R100, R60 or R50 pm respectively.
They earn 15% sales rebates (commission) on Personal Sales at this level, so they need to make 7 sales at this level to cover their own monthly premium and break even. They also earn up to 25% overriding commissions on their Team’s sales.
The Secondary Income Plan.
The Secondary Income Plan is designed to provide additional income to people who are employed, but underpaid.
This Plan will provide “bridging finance” to cover their overheads and other needs until they could conceivably be earning more from the Plan than from their salary!
has a subscription of R600 pm, which research has shown us is affordable to most people.
This is our Most Popular option.
This Plan can also be co-owned by 3, 4, 5 or 6 people, who each pay R200, R150, R120 or R100 pm respectively, to begin with.
They earn 20% sales rebates (commission) on Personal Sales at this level, so they need  to make 5 sales at this level to cover their own monthly premium and break even. They also earn up to 25% overriding commissions on their Team’s sales.
The Supplementary Income Plan.
The Supplementary Income Plan is designed to provide a second income to entrepreneurs and SMME owners who are experiencing declining sales and who need to supplement their product sales income.  
This Plan
has a subscription of R1,000 pm, which research has shown us is affordable to most business owners.
They earn 25% sales rebates (commission) on Personal Sales at this level, so they need  to make 4 sales at this level to cover their own monthly premium and break even. They also earn up to 25% overriding commissions on their Team’s sales.
The Retirement Income Plan.
The Retirement Plan is exactly that, but it has so many advantages over a conventional Pension Plan.
Remember, you don’t have to be old to retire, you only need to have enough money!
  • It is only R1,500 pm, no matter how old or young you are (as long as you are over 18, or your parent or guardian supports you in joining BizHub and getting a Sales Account to start your own business while you are still in school).
  • You earn 30% comm. on all Personal Sales, so you need to make 3 sales at this level to break even, and you earn up to 25% on your Team’s sales.
  • Share the Plan with other people and build up your income from Personal Sales, and from overriding commissions on your Team members’ sales.
  • Start earning immediately! You don’t have to wait 45 years to get paid.
  • And you don’t retire on a fixed income of 75% of your last paycheck! Therefore, your income and your quality of life will increase instead of decrease as the rising cost of living takes its toll on others, but not on you!
  • Work hard for 1-2 years and you will be able to retire, no matter if you are 20 or 60 years old.
  • If you are older than 60, you can still join the Plan and earn a great income for your old age, without paying exorbitant premiums, as long as you tell others about the Plan and sell it to them, using the marketing tools we provide.
    Conceivably, you could start at the R100 pm level and upgrade to the R1,500 level, using commissions you have earned to upgrade with, or you can start at any level, depending on how much you can afford and how quickly you want to be cost-free.
    There is no upper age limit! And get your family to help you. They will benefit, too, because they will also earn from the Plan, and one day you can bequeath your position to someone in your family!
  • At some point you can stop working altogether and let others in your Team do all the heavy lifting, with you as an adviser, mentor, motivator and manager. This is YOUR Plan, and YOU control it!
  • You will have ample income to afford the best food, living conditions and care, for the rest of your life!
  • The Plan is completely private and anonymous. You are given an international ewallet into which to pay your money, where you can keep it separate from your regular income.
    Your money cannot be misappropriated or stolen.
    No-one will know it’s there, unless you tell them!
  • Our debit cards are coming soon. 


Benefits to Merchants.

  • Register for a BizHub Income Plan and advertise your BizHub store to other account holders.
  • Supplement your product sales income with your BizHub sales commissions.
  • Earn money every month whether you make sales from your Shop or not.
  • Create a future Retirement Plan for yourself.
  • Incentivise Consumers to buy from you by offering them Preferential Discount Vouchers of up to 10% off.
    Set discounts
    per product or per category of products. Adjust them according to your margins.
  • Offset these discounts with the money you earn in your Income Plan when you invite your entire customer database, your staff, suppliers, business associates, church groups, sports club members and others to join you and also earn a residual income in 5- or 6-figures  every month, over a period of time (1-2 years only)!
  • The more effort you put in, the more money and rewards you get out.

Benefits to Customers and Visitors.

    • BizHub provides you with a primary or secondary income. Build it and use it to shop with!
    • Income Plan subscribers can purchase goods from BizHub Merchants and make use of the Preferential Discount Vouchers (up to 10% off) provided by participating Merchants, exclusively to Income Plan subscribers.
    • Your BizHub Income Plan is your future Retirement Plan. Even if you retire in 1-2 years’ time! Remember, you don’t have to be old to retire, you just need to have enough money!
    • The more effort you put in, the more money and rewards you get out.
These Income Plans are available to ALL BizHub Merchants, Visitors, Customers and Agents.
They are for people who need to work and earn money for covering overheads, paying off debts, unforeseen medical bills, school/university fees, etc. and who ARE WILLING TO MAKE AN EFFORT to grow their businesses. These people will definitely benefit from being Income Plan subscribers.
Monthly contributions start at just R100 pm and positions can be co-owned to start off with, so it’s affordable to everyone.
Total potential rebates are from 35% to 55% of your combined Personal and Team sales.

Choose The Right Mini Biz Income
For you and Your business!

Starter Income Plan

R 300 pm For People Starting Out in Life
  • Subscribe by yourself, or co-own it with friends
  • Bring us business leads and earn commissions
  • Sell this Plan to people who need an income
  • Earn 15% comm. pm on all Personal Sales
  • Make 10 sales to break even
  • Earn up to 25% overriding comm. on Team sales
  • Upgrade for bigger incomes & better incentives

Primary Income Plan

R 600 pm For People Needing a Primary Income
  • Choose this option if you have no income at all
  • Sell to local retailers, friends, neighbours, family
  • Sell this Plan to people who need an income
  • Earn 20% comm. pm on all Personal Sales
  • Make 5 sales to break even
  • Earn up to 25% overriding comm. on Team sales
  • Upgrade for bigger incomes & better incentives

Secondary Income Plan

R 1,000 pm For People Needing a Secondary Income
  • For people who are earning, but need more money
  • Sell to business associates, co-workers, friends
  • Earn 25% comm. pm on all personal sales
  • Make 4 sales to break even
  • Earn up to 25% overriding comm. on Team sales
  • Upgrade for bigger incomes & better incentives

Retirement Income Plan

R 1,500 pm For a VERY Comfortable Retirement!
  • Get the BEST, safest Retirement Plan EVER!
  • No upper age limit. People over 60 are welcome
  • Fixed monthly premiums no matter how old you are
  • Earn 30% comm. pm on all personal sales
  • Make 3.33 sales to break even
  • Earn up to 25% overriding comm. on Team sales

To Join the BizHub Income Plan,

The BizHub MINI BIZ – What you get
for R300, r600, r1,000 or r1,500 per month.

  • You get your own “mini-biz” under the BizHub umbrella. You get the use of our infrastructure, modular add-ons, admin, marketing, training, income, incentives, bonuses and much more.

  • You will earn an assured monthly income from this Income Plan, as long as you TAKE ACTION! 
    That’s all you have to do to make this great idea to work!

    Apply yourself to marketing your Income Plan Referral Link diligently and consistently and it is easy to earn R20,000 – R100,000 or more per month!

  • Please only invite open-minded, positive-minded, sharing, generous people into the Plan, who understand the concept of giving in order to receive.

  • You get your own Back Office Account where you can track your payments and Team growth.

  • You get a unique user name and password to access your Account.

  • You get your own self-replicating web site and a unique Referral Link that you use to sell the Income Plan concept to Prospects and turn them into Subscribers to the Plan, so you can get paid.

  • When you and your Team members collectively get 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 subscribers into your Sales Team we will GIVE you “stepped” rewards of R200,000 or R350,000 or R500,000 respectively, or the difference between each if you take the early rewards, to buy a car, bike, trike, boat or anything of your choice, with a cash difference, to say “thank you” for your hard work and dedication!
    It is possible to achieve this in 2-9 months, using the Power o
    f 2! Or just take the cash!

  • Even from the Starter Plan for just R100 pm, you could be earning in excess of R56,000 per month! 

  • We will soon be introducing local and international travel, luxury spa getaways, valuable merchandise and much more!

    Join us and see!

First Click Here to read and follow the step-by-step How to Register instructions. 

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Training sessions are set up to accommodate you and your friends. As the interest levels increase, we will have 2 or 3 sessions a week at fixed dates and times at venues in your area. Contact Us to let us know what venue is best to make use of.

Yes, you may. We can even come to your premises for a private session if you invite at least 5 colleagues to attend with you.

Yes, you can. But if you do, you will forfeit your Sales Team database and your monthly income and all the incntives you could have earned if you’d stuck it out. You won’t be allowed to rejoin for 6 months.

Currwntly we offer cars, cash, ewallets, debit cards and discounts. In future we will offer savings plans, loan facilities, funeral cover, travel, merchandise and much more. Click Here for the Incentives page.

All our prices have been reduced by 80%-90% to attract new customers and merchants, and because the traffic volumes in the mall are still low. When they increase, so will costs, so it’s better to get in now and save a lot of money.

You can easily earn a 6-figure income, as long as you maintain your position, talk to people and sell to them on a daily basis. We can ask you some questions so we can accurately determine what your monthly income could be. 

We currently have 12 domains and most of their web sites are under construction. We have 2 malls in South Africa.

You can call our CEO and set up a meeting with him. He will answer all your questions and help you to register with the program. He will even tailor-make a setup for you and your business that will suit your budget.



The BizHub Mini Biz initiative is the best I've ever seen! I'M in control, and my money is safe in its ewallet! After a few months I'm now earning more from my Mini Biz than from my product sales income!


I bought a BizHub Mini Biz at the Secondary Income level, because I had a job but I was underpaid and I was worried that my Pension Plan would be compromised. This Plan is totally private and my money is safe!


I was unemployed, so I started in the Plan at the Primary Income (R600 pm) level. I've since been able to upgrade to the Retirement Plan position. I'm already earning a 6-figure pm income! Thanks, BizHub!

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