BizHub Income Plan vs Conventional Pension Plans

The table below shows the differences between the BizHub Income Plan and conventional pension plans. The conventional plans conform to a formula that has been in place for decades, if not centuries, while the BizHub Plan is topical and incorporates old and new marketing and rewards ideas and techniques.

Conventional Pension Plans BizHub Income Plan
You pay a fixed monthly subscription based on your age. Monthly fees for older people are exorbitantly expensive. You choose from 5 affordable payment options, from as little as R100 pm. You can upgrade to higher levels with bigger commissions as you earn more money.
Each person has their own account. You can get bigger rewards with a smaller outlay by co-owning an account temporarily with 1-5 others until you can each afford your own account.
You must wait until you are 65 years of age before you can claim benefits. Follow a couple of simple rules and you could start earning immediately!
Income at age 65 is only an estimate, as no-one can accurately foretell what the outcome will be in 40 years’ time. You can calculate your income almost to the Rand based on your and your Team’s efforts in marketing the Plan to others.
No incentives are paid out. You earn massive Performance Incentives of increasing value as you grow your Plan.
If you are over 60, you can forget about getting a pension plan. It’s too expensive and the returns are too small. You can subscribe to the BizHub Income Plan at any age and at any of the 5 prescribed payment options.
When you retire at age 65 after paying in an increasing amount every year as you get older, you earn 75% of your last pay cheque for the rest of your life. You are on a fixed income at a time when you need more and more money to live comfortably and cover medical, healthcare and other bills, so your quality of life worsens as you get older and as the cost of living rises. With BizHub you earn an increasing amount of money every month from month 1, as long as you apply a few simple rules. Rule 1: Subscribe and learn how the Plan works. Rule 2: Tell as many people as you can about it. Rule 3: Help them to do the same. When they subscribe, at whatever level, you earn commissions on a monthly basis.
Your income is visible to the government and is taxed. It can only be paid out in South Africa into a conventional, brick-and-mortar bank. If you arrange to have it paid out overseas, that comes with a lot of bureaucracy and at a high cost. Your income is paid into and stored in a private, totally anonymous virtual ewallet. It is 100% YOURS! People will only know you have it if YOU tell them! And you get an international VISA or MasterCard debit card to spend that money whenever you like, anywhere in the world.
The Pension Plan provider controls every aspect of your Plan. You must accept where they invest your proceeds. You must accept the amount they say is payable and you cannot prove otherwise, so you don’t know if they are stealing from you or how much. YOU control your income and the amount you earn every month! You get a private account that only YOU can login to and the entire admin and infrastructure you need to run and manage your income Plan properly and professionally is provided FREE by BizHub Central.
Conventional Pension Plan rules must comply with the PFA, the Income Tax Act (ITA) and Regulations thereto, and other laws. The only major rules that apply (besides the Terms and Conditions of the BizHub Income Plan Agreement) are those of supply and demand.
There is a lot of bureaucracy involved which costs a lot of money that subscribers ultimately pay for. There is no bureaucracy involved. Income is based on commissions earned when you and your Team members sell the Plan. Returns are split roughly 50/50 with BizHub admin.
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