Monthly Maintenance.

We know that many Tenants will need to have their web and Shop pages edited regularly to keep them up to date, eg: classic car dealers, art and antique dealers, auctioneers, and others.
For that reason, we offer our Monthly Maintenance Plans whereby you can subscribe to have 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours of maintenance done on your site every month. 
If you’re not sure how much maintenance you will need, start with only 1 or 2 hours per month and upgrade from there, as and when necessary. We will let you know if you need more maintenance time per month. It will mean that you are busy selling!!

1 hr maintenance p.m.

Get 1 hour of site maintenance every month.


2 hrs maintenance p.m.

Get 2 hours of site maintenance every month.


3 hrs maintenance p.m.

Get 3 hours of site maintenance every month.


4 hrs maintenance p.m.

Get 4 hours of site maintenance every month.


What Our Customers say

I am a fine arts auctioneer, and I need my web site constantly updated because when goods are sold, they can never be replaced with the same. Biz Hub admin is so fast at updating when I give them new material, I often get my new web page back the same day! Excellent service!

Minkie Swanepoel

I sell high end luxury and classic vehicles. We seldom get exactly the same car in our showroom in the same year, so my stock listings on my Biz Hub web page need constant updating. Biz Hub admin performs this task quickly and efficiently. I'm a very satisfied customer! I recommend that every SMME business owner gets a Biz Hub web page!

Johan Vermaak

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