Comparison: BizHub Mall vs Warehouse Malls

The table below shows the differences between the BizHub Central online mall, the only mall of its kind in South Africa, and “warehouse” malls like Shopify, Takealot, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. The businesses that supply warehouse malls and that rent space in the BizHub Mall are referred to as "Merchants" or “Vendors”.

Warehouse Malls BizHub Central Mall
There are many warehouse malls around the world. There is currently only one BizHub Central online mall in South Africa, called BizHub Central SA.
Warehouse malls get all the brand recognition. The vendors get very little or none at all. Each vendor can list products in Industry-specific Categories, and they can have a unique shopfront and private shop of their own, or both. They get full brand recognition whichever option they choose.
Vendors must send their goods to the warehouse mall's warehouse at their own expense and then pay them storage fees. Vendors keep their goods in their own shop or warehouse and incur no additional transport or storage costs.
Vendors can’t communicate directly with their customers and potential customers, except to answer complaints or to give refunds on returned goods. Vendors can write articles about their businesses in our blog, and they get their own Q&A forum to answer customers’ questions for everyone to read.
Warehouse malls cut vendors’ margins to the bone so the mall can sell cheaper than their opposition. Vendors can sell at full mark-up and earn good profits. They can give discounts to people who subscribe to our Business Development Plan to encourage them to buy from their BizHub shops.
Vendors have to wait a long time to get paid when their goods are sold. Goods are bought and paid for immediately through our payment gateways.
Goods are mostly sent to buyers by post because of courier costs (in USD) and distances, eg: from China. Goods can take up to 8-12 weeks to arrive. Goods often don’t arrive at all, then the vendor must refund the customer. Vendors courier items to buyers. Courier deliveries are affordable because distances are local and courier companies are paid in Rands, not Dollars. Goods can arrive within a day or two.
There is no personal interaction between vendors and customers, because customers don’t know who the suppliers are, and very little information is available about products apart from their descriptions. Vendors and customers can communicate with each other directly through a number of media options, like blogs & forums on our web site, phone, messaging, email, sms, Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, Facebook, etc.
Vendors don’t get an opportunity to business network, receive and give leads, and generally enjoy a sharing, business community environment. Vendors do get the ability to network with each other and with their customers, and receive qualified leads and pass on leads to each other.
Vendors’ merchandise is co-mingled with every other vendor’s goods so it’s easy for a customer to be diverted to another product, eg: one selling at a cheaper price. BizHub offers this feature, too. However, Vendors can also get their own unique store with its own URL, filled with their goods only, so visitors can buy only their products and not someone else's.
Few, if any, warehouse malls offer vendors and customers a supplementary income plan. The BizHub Business Development Plan (BDP) rewards you for bringing new vendors and customers into the mall when they buy our products. It provides a primary or secondary income for everyone.
Warehouse malls do not offer merchants and consumers many options for making money other than listing their products for sale in their malls. BizHub Central offers unlimited product listings, private shops, auction and dropshipping facilities and a lucrative Income Plan so that more people can use the mall in different ways to earn money.
Warehouse malls charge vendors a range of different fees, all of which erode their already reduced profit margins. BizHub charges vendors a support fee and a transaction fee per successful sale. Private shops pay for their support, web page and transaction fees.
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