Online Webinar Attendance Details.

We are giving free presentations online to tell you how your business can benefit from being listed in our online shopping mall and in our Awesome Loyalty Program.
Invite your friends who own small, medium or micro businesses, also friends, family and co-workers and any other business colleagues to attend.
They will benefit by participating and they could be worth money to you!
You can attend the webinars from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Just make sure you have data.
Click on the link below to join. No password is necessary.
Bookmark this page to see future webinar dates and times.


Attend one or more of our online webinars.
The next webinar is being held on ____ at 8.00 pm SA time.
This calendar will be updated regularly, so please Bookmark this page and check back often to see when the next webinar is being held.

Attend as many webinars as you need to, in order to become fully conversant with BizHub Central, its products and all its features and benefits. Learn how to approach people, who the right people are to approach, what to ask them and say to them, how to present the business and how to close deals.
Or just invite them to the webinar, and let me do the selling for you!

If you invite guests, please also attend when they do, to provide moral support and to increase their confidence.
Let them know that you care, and that you want to help them prosper.


Invite your friends and colleagues to attend!
If they join the Compensation Plan from your Referral Link or register as a mall Tenant, YOU get paid!
Remember to qualify for our “Earn a R500,000 Car” Promotion! You can do it in less than 9 months!

Join URL:
Meeting Capacity: 100 attendees
Duration: 40 minutes.
The webinar will be for 30 minutes, with a 10 minute Q&A at the end, so please keep all your questions until then.
Attendees can type their questions for everyone to see.

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