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and Compensation Plan!

Your Introducer is 
Paul von Wildenrath, 
Creator and CEO of BizHub Central SA. 

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S.A.'s No. 1 Online Shopping Mall

Get an affordable web presence with a professionally designed web page to compete on equal terms with Big Business. Only pay for what you need, even if it’s a single web page! PLUS! Get your own online Shop, web address, business email account, sales video, Landing Page, second income, Referral Link and much more! 

Join Our Amazing Compensation Plan

The BizHub Central Compensation Plan is available to ALL BizHub Merchants, Visitors and Customers.

Subscribe to our Compensation Plan and earn a substantial second monthly income!
It’s also your future Retirement Income Plan!

Subscribe TODAY!

Pay for 3, 6 or 12 months upfront and get 1, 2 or 4 x 1 gm PURE SILVER coins as our “Thank You” for your support!

Start building your Bullion Portfolio!

Increased Traffic, Customers and Sales for Merchants

Rent a professionally designed Web Page or Landing Page in the BizHub mall and join our Community! 

Advertise your web page’s URL to the public and pick up spin-off business from other Merchants’ referrals!


Increased Savings, Choices and Income for Compensation Plan Participants

Pay your Compensation Plan subscriptions 3, 6 or 12-monthly. Save on bank fees and get 1, 2 or 4 x 1 gm pure silver coins as an incentive. Paying for longer periods upfront gives you more time to break even and get into profit. Earn 3, 6 or 12 months’ rebates every time your Team members renew their subscriptions this way.

"What really interested me about becoming a Tenant in the BizHub Central Online Shopping Mall was that I could get more traffic and more customers. I can sell more products, plus I get a second income from the Compensation Plan that supplements my sales turnover! AND I can help my friends get the same! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN! Awesome!"
Jenny Dorsey
Graphic Designer

fall in love with our features!

Unique Web Address (URL)

Become a BizHub Central Tenant and get your own, unique web address (URL). Post it out on emails and social media to attract visitors and customers.

Premier Listings

Always be at the top of your city's Merchants List with a Premier Listing. 30 available slots, all now on SPECIAL at R50 pm each!

Site Rentals - Only R100 pm

Site rentals - pay annually up front for the special rental of only R100 per page pm, payable annually in advance by EFT! Or choose to pay monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly (different rates).

Preferential Discount Vouchers

Join the BizHub Compensation Plan and qualify for Preferential Discount Vouchers of up to 10% off from all participating Merchants in the Hub. Save money!

Use of Our Checkout Page

No need to pay for additional software! As a BizHub Tenant, you get FREE use of our Checkout page for fast, safe, secure transactions!

Increased Traffic and Sales

When all our Merchants post out their URLs, visitors can access all Merchants' shops and buy from them! Offer Discount Vouchers to make more sales!

Performance Rewards

When you and your Team have together sold 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 Comp. Plans, YOU qualify for a car or goods of your choice worth R200,000, R350,000 or R500,000 respectively! Or you can just take the cash! (T's & C's apply).

Coming Soon! Overseas Travel Incentives

When our database is big enough, we will start running competitions and everyone who qualifies will be taken on an amazing trip, at least once a year!

Coming Soon! Our Own Debit Card

We are currently negotiating with our suppliers for an international ewallet and debit card that all merchants and consumers can use. All your Compensation Plan incomes can be withdrawn and paid into it, so they don't get co-mingled with your regular income/s.

Professional Web Pages

Get one or more professionally designed web pages to showcase your business and your goods. Compete equally with Big Business' expensive web sites!

A Business Email Account

Customers hate when a Merchant uses a gmail or yahoo email account. As a BizHub Merchant, you get respect with a professional business email account.

Special Product Listings

Instil confidence in your Customers with Special Product Listings, like Featured Product, Best Selling Product, Top Rated Product and Latest Product.

Your Own Shop

ALL BizHub Tenants who buy web pages get a FREE Shop in which only their products are listed. We also put them in the main Shop, giving them double the exposure!

Use of Our Payment Gateways

No need to become a Payment Gateway Merchant! As a BizHub Tenant, you get FREE use of our payment gateways for fast, safe, secure transactions!

Managed Account Service

Too busy to market your business by promoting your BizHub Store? Apply for our unique Managed Account Service! You provide us with leads and we do the presentations and close the deals! We share the profits 3 ways as we all play a role in earning them.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

If your web page or Shop needs regular updating as one-off items are sold, you can subscribe to our Maintenance Plan and we will update them for you whenever you need us to.

Coming Soon! Merchandise Incentives

Most people could do with a new fridge, lounge suite or watch or other item at some time, so we are going to offer these and other rewards to our top Salesmen. Apply yourself, work hard and you, too, will qualify!

Best Marketing Tools!

We provide you with marketing tools that no other company gives their salespeople. You get your own Landing Page, a personalised sales video, a Referral Link, and instructions on how to do EVERYTHING! Your tools will do most of the selling for you!

Call Me (Paul) Now!

+2774 267 5500

I’m in Olympus, Pretoria East, South Africa.

How to Register as a Compensation Plan Participant.
Follow these instructions to the letter, and you can’t go wrong.

There are some useful tips included.
Please read everything carefully and take it step-by-step, THEN….

and become part of my Comp. Plan Sales Team!
Start earning an outstanding monthly income TODAY!

Not Sure if BizHub is For You?

Take our short Survey to see if this is what you want or need, and if you qualify!


Not Sure if The Comp. Plan is What You Want?

Take this Survey to see if the Comp. Plan is what you want or need, and if you qualify!


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