Premier Listings.

Increase your visibility by renting one of the Top 30 slots above all the other
Tenants’ listings, where visitors will see YOUR web page and buy from YOU first! 
(This is a monthly subscription).

There are 30 Premier Listings at the top of every Tenants page. (Currently there is only 1 Tenants page). The first 10 Premier listings cost the most because they are always seen first, so they get the most hits. The last 10 cost the least. Visitors always see these Top 30 listings before the others.
Other listings are not charged for and appear in alphabetical order according to location and industry.

This is a monthly rental, so choose which of the 3 slots you want to be in and click Subscribe Now! for a regular, secure monthly transfer of funds via Payfast.

NOTE! Premier Listings are normally R1,000, R750 or R500 pm each, depending on their positioning. They are currently on Special at only R500 pm each FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!
So get yours NOW, in the 1-10 slot before they are all taken up!
Prices will revert to normal at the end of July 2019.

Top 1-10 Premier Listings

These Listings are right at the top of the Tenants Page, so they are seen first by visitors and therefore get the most hits. Normally R1,000 pm each, they are on Special at R500 pm for 3 months only, until the end of July 2019.


Top 11-20 Premier Listings

These Listings occupy the 2nd highest slot and normally sell for R750 pm each. They are currently on Special at only R500 pm until the end of July, 2019, so grab one while you still can!


Top 21-30 Premier Listings

These are the lowest of the Top 30 slots, but still highly visible and they still attract many visitors and hits. Only R500 pm each, these Listings are excellent value for money, when compared to the extra sales conversions they will bring you!


What Our Customers say

I subscribed to a Top 1-10 Premier Listing slot after I had been a Biz Hub Central Tenant for a few weeks, and I'm blown away by how many extra hits my web page has received as a result! Highly recommended!

John Emslie

A friend, who knew I was looking for a new way to get more customers, told me about Biz Hub Central. I bought 1 page and a Top 10 Premier Listing because it was well within my budget. The new customers and sales I've brought in have long since covered my initial cost!

Linda Chan

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