Product Listings.

Tenants can list as many products in their Shops as they like. We only charge for the time it takes to list each product, currently on Special at R50 per product listing per month. For every 10 paid listings, we do one for free. (10% discount). Select the appropriate option for you below.
If you have more than 11 products to list, add them to the 11, 22, 33 or 44 listings to make up the correct number, eg: choose 11+6 to make 17. (1 will be free).

This is a once-off payment, so choose Direct Bank Transfer (EFT) or Ozow’s  Instant EFT or Payfast for a fast, secure transfer of funds, or scan the QR Code/s.

List 1 Product

List 1 product for only R50 pm. 
If you want to buy several items from different categories, Contact Us and we will help you make a single payment for everything. You will speak to Paul, the CEO of Biz Hub Central.


list 2 products

List 2 products for R100 pm.  


list 3 products

List 3 products for R150 pm.


List 4 Products

List 4 products for R200 pm.


list 5 products

List 5 products for R250 pm.


list 6 products

List 6 products for R300 pm.


List 7 Products

List 7 products for R350 pm.


list 8 products

List 8 products for R400 pm.


list 9 products

List 9 products for R450 pm.


list 11 products

List 10 products for R500 pm and get 1 extra listing free! You save R600 pa!  


list 22 products

List 20 products for R1,000 and get 2 extra listings free! You save R1,200 pa!  


list 33 products

List 30 products for R1,500 and get 3 extra listing free! You save R1,800 pa!  


list 44 products

List 40 products for R2,000 and get 4 extra listing free! You save R2,400 pa!  


What Our Customers say

The free shop we get with our web pages is great! I listed 17 products and I've already made the cost back with new sales I've made to BHC visitors. Now I can add more products, and upsell to those same customers again and again!

Anneke Brink

I never thought of advertising my practice online until I was sent the Biz Hub link to look at. Well, I've got so many new patients! I've told some of them with small businesses about Biz Hub Central and I believe they have joined, too!

Dr Emelio Vasquez

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