Profits4Us is the BizHub Group of Companies'
Affiliate Program for creating personal wealth.

What does the Profits4Us Affiliate Program offer?

• The Profits4Us Affiliate Program is a pre-packaged online business template that we have created for each of our Affiliates. Each Affiliate gets their own private and unique business module to work from, promote and build.

• When you subscribe to the Program, you are buying your own online business for just R1,998 per annum, where you can expect to receive a regular and above-average source of income.
Please remember that your income is performance-based and that, like everything else in life, if you DO nothing, you GET nothing! To be successful, market your Referral Link diligently and consistently, simply by TALKING to people you know and asking them a few questions. (We will provide you with a script that you can use).
Be consistently consistent in your marketing efforts, even if only for 12 months, then you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours as a 1% income earner, and keep mentoring and motivating your Team members to make more sales.

• As a Profits4Us Affiliate you get your own back office account on our website, a unique Referral Link and a private and secure ewallet as soon as you register and pay your annual subscription. At this point you become a Customer of the BizHub Business Training Center and an Affiliate in the Profits4Us Affiliate Program, which is the marketing arm of the BizHub Group of Companies.
You now qualify for all the features and benefits included in this project.

Total management of your Profits4Us business, with reports, analytics, Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate tracking, sales totals, commission details and more.

• You earn 20% commission on Personal sales of our Business & Sales Training Center and Affiliate Program, and up to 30% on your Team members’ sales (Total: 50% revenue, plus Performance Bonuses).
Use your commissions to cover your subscription, to cover your monthly overheads and to start generating wealth.

• Receive your commission in your private and secure ewallet and use it to make purchases from, via your virtual prepaid card and phone, off the banking grid. Take back control of your money and SAVE!

• Get access to thousands of ebooks on all aspects of starting and running a successful online retail business, providing information and training on how to become a successful, self-employed internet entrepreneur. You get leisure ebooks and audiobooks, too (fiction and non-fiction), for adults, the elderly, and children.

• When you achieve a pre-set turnover target of Affiliate Program sales, we will pay for your ebook upgrade to VIP status (value: R450), so you can download as many ebooks as you need, whenever you need them. (If you upgrade and pay for it yourself, we will reimburse you with R450 when you hit your sales target).

• Achieve your pre-set turnover targets and we will also pay for your membership of a national Loyalty Program where you get discounts when you shop at several large retail stores in S. Africa (value: R50).
That's R500 worth of bonuses right there!

As part of your Business Training, you get a comprehensive sales training manual, network marketing manual and business networking manual, all written by our CEO, incorporating his 52 years experience in sales, marketing & advertising.

• You get rent-free access to sell your products from the Central BizHub Mall and the BizHub Auction site. You can list unlimited products for sale. You also pay no storage fees, only a small commission per sale. No sale, no payment.

• You get your own card reader so you can talk to people about Profits4Us, sign them up and get their initial card payment immediately. If you leave Profits4Us, courier the card reader back to us and we will give you R200 for doing so.

• We provide on-going back-up and support via our blog, forum, online chat, email, Zoom, and social media.

What does it cost to subscribe?

We charge an annual subscription of R1,998 for this Business Opportunity, including the ebooks, training manuals, your card reader, ewallet, virtual card and more.
The commissionable portion of this subscription is R1,500 pa.
Therefore, your commission on Personal Sales at 20% is R300 per sale per annum.
Make 7 sales to break even and be in profit of R102.

By the way, it is not compulsory to make use of the Training Center if you don't want to, but it is there if you need it.

You can, in fact, make a full-time business out of promoting the Profits4Us Training Center and Affiliate Program; help & teach your new Sub-Affiliates to do the same, as we have taught you to do; show them where to find the marketing materials we provide, and how to use them. (They are all under the "Affiliates" tab in the top menu).

Look after your Sub-Affiliates! Help them, train them and mentor them. Keep in touch with them and never abandon them, because they will lose interest in you if they think you have lost interest in them, and they will stop working for you.
They will be responsible for far greater income for you than you will be for yourself! Remember that!
See potential income examples below.

How do I earn money and create wealth?

You earn commission when you tell people about our BizHub Business Training Center and our Profits4Us Affiliate Program and they subscribe to it. You earn 20% of the R1,500 commissionable amount on your Personal Sales, and up to 30% more on your Team members' sales. You only have to ask people 2-4 questions to get their interest, then show them our marketing material if they say they want to know more. You can also invite them to our Zoom meetings where we will explain further for you. You attend these meetings as well, so you can learn more about the Program and how to promote it on your own.

The Affiliate Program pays out up to 50% commission in total over 4 levels.
By working hard (ie: talking to 5-10 people or more every day, you can earn Performance Bonuses over and above your commissions when your sales turnover exceeds a pre-set target.
Alternatively, or in addition, you can send out emails and post messages we give you scripts for, on social media.
Just learn them, practise them a few times and repeat them to everyone you want to introduce to Profits4Us.

IMPORTANT! If you send messages to people by email, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal or through any other social media, please make sure that you ask their permission to send them information that will help them earn a decent income.

When they reply "Yes", you will have a hard copy of them giving you their permission, so they can't go back on it later.
Make sure you take a screenshot of their positive reply AND SAVE IT as a Word.docx file in "My Documents" in case your marketing efforts are questioned. (Create a folder called "Profits4Us" and a sub-folder called "Permissions").

If they say "No", delete their emails if they are of no further importance to you, and never send them information of this sort again. That way, no-one can accuse you of spamming anyone.
By applying this one rule, you will also safeguard our business for everyone who follows you. We thank you in advance.

When do I get paid my commissions?

If you have paid your annual premium and you have made at least 2 sales, and if you have a minimum credit balance of R500, your commissions will be paid to you at the end of the same or the following month, depending if any payments are outstanding.

Why are commissions sometimes paid 30 days in arrears?

Potential Income Examples.

Click the shield for Rules

Click on the image above to join our Affiliate Program under the BizHub Admin Referral Link.
Alternatively, if you have an Introducer, ask them to give you their Referral Link and sign up under them.
When the next web page opens, hover over "Affiliates" in the top menu and you will see a drop-down menu.

Click on the first link, "Affiliate Area Register & Login".
Complete the form, make your first payment, verify your email address then come back and Login.
You will see your account with all the admin elements you'll need to manage your business, plus your own, unique Referral Link and ewallet.
As you and your Team grow your business and make more and more sales of the Training Center & Affiliate Program, your back office account will start keeping records for you to monitor whenever you want to.

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