Men's size 7
Forma MX Boots
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1 of 4 oak
coffee tables
R1,500 each
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Hand carved
antique box
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Pearl Vision
drum kit
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Antique Persian
khelim R12,500
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45 Watt RMS
System R8,500
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Hi, and Welcome to
the Quality 2nd Hand Goods Store.

We specialise in the sale of top quality, 2nd-hand furniture and appliances, TV, Hi-Fi, and pretty much anything that people need or want!

Provide details of goods you want to sell, and we will sell them for you!

Become a Dropship Retailer! This is a BizHub “Dropshipping” mall page. You can have one just like it and sell other people’s products for them, new or 2nd-hand, and easily earn R200k per annum or even more, 24/7, on autopilot!
We will build a mall page for you at a ridiculously low price! Every page is different from other merchants’ pages!
Send us JPEG or PNG images of the items you want to sell, up to 12 each, with detailed descriptions, prices, video clips and whatever else you think will help to sell. 
You must know what the lowest price is that the seller is willing to accept from the buyer so you can negotiate with them on their behalf.
(If you are selling people’s used goods, you must know if the price is final or “ono”. Always add a little so you can come down to the price you actually want).
Negotiate a wholesale price for each item with the sellers, then sell at their retail price so you don’t undercut them. The difference is your profit. 
You can ask us to add or delete any item by giving us 24 hours’ written notice by email, or let us teach you to maintain your shop yourself. Whatsapp or sms Paul (BizHub’s CEO) – Cell 0742675500.


Check out our current products for sale in the Shop page.
Items are constantly changing, so if you see something you like, grab it with both hands before someone else does! (I'd hate you to lose out). Just click "Add to Basket" then follow the prompts to the Checkout Page. Choose Direct Bank Transfer and make payment from your internet banking tab. Make it "immediate clearance".
And it's yours! Goods will be sent to you by the seller.
We hold your payment in escrow and we pay the seller once
you say you have received the delivery.

Contact Us.

  • +27 74 267 5500
  • +27 61 022 5600
  • Email:
  • +2774 267 5500
  • 45 Neptune Way, Olympus, Pretoria, 0081


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