Qwikar Car Share & Chauffeur-Drive Service

Affordable Car Share & Chauffeur-Drive Service


Monetize your car! Or save it from repossession!

Become a Qwikar Vehicle Owner and turn your car into an appreciating asset!


Become a Qwikar Passenger!

Be chauffeur-driven everywhere you go!
Be the envy of your friends & neighbours!


Car Owners

We will take over the payments on your vehicle so it doesn’t get repossessed. We use the money we get from passengers who want to share the use and cost of your vehicle. We can save you up to 100% of your vehicle’s monthly and annual costs. Qualify
as a driver and earn a salary, too! Help us to help you.
Apply to be a Qwikar Vehicle Owner!


If you cannot get vehicle finance or raise a deposit, or if you don’t drive but you need affordable but classy transportation, become a Qwikar Group Member (passenger) and be chauffeur-driven in a cool car stationed within 10km of where you live. Share the use and the cost of someone else’s car. From none, now you can afford to co-own more than one! Cheaper than taxis by far!
Apply to be a Qwikar Group Member!


Become a Qwikar chauffeur-driver. Have a valid driver’s license and no criminal record, be of sober habits, be courteous, helpful and well dressed and have a positive outlook. Be willing to go the extra mile for your passengers. You will become a Qwikar driver dedicated to one vehicle. You may be “rotated” through up to 5 different vehicles, giving you valuable driving experience.
Apply to be a Qwikar chauffeur!

Sales Agents

Help us promote and sell the Qwikar Car Share & Chauffeur-Drive Service to passengers and vehicle owners. Earn commission on your sales. Subscribe to our “advertising pool” and earn profits on the sales of online advertising. No MLM, no recruiting.
Just you and your money working for you.
Apply to be a Qwikar Sales Agent!

Contact Us

Need help? Got questions?
Call +2774 267 5500, 9am-6pm.
Email: paul@qwikar.co.za



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