Qwikar Chauffeur Drive Service.

The Qwikar Chauffeur Drive Service is not a taxi service. We use chauffeurs, not drivers.
We only drive a max of 15-20 people on a permanent basis, who live within 10-12 km
of the closest available vehicle's owner.

Entry Level & Low-Mid Value Cars
(Up To R240,000) Packages & Rates.

Qwikar is up to 75% cheaper than taxi services (Uber, Bolt).
This is because we charge per hour, not per kilometer.

With Qwikar the more hours you buy upfront, the lower your hourly rate. See below.
Unused hours are not carried over to next month.
You can always buy more hours from other pax or from Qwikar, sell excess hours
or swap pre-booked hours (days, times) in our Forum.

And if you bring us passengers, we pay 10% commission on what they spend in their first month.

Rate Packages.

Buy a 5-hour package @ R325/hour for R1,625.
Buy a 10-hour package @ R300/hour for R3,000.

Ad Hoc Rate - 1-4 hours, no package: R350/hour for 1-2 pax, R150 EACH for 3rd & 4th pax.

NOTE! Add R50/hour for overtime. (Normal times: 9am-5pm).
Prices include your exclusive use of our cars, chauffeurs and petrol. Prices exclude tolls and tips.

Qwikar Locations.

Find the nearest available vehicle to your home. Contact us and we'll tell you how to get connected with Qwikar!

Current Location: Olympus, Pretoria East.
Car: Volvo V50 auto. Leather, very comfortable. 5-star safety rating.
Chauffeur driven. Available to anyone within 10 kms of Olympus.
Affordable contracts available from only R1,625 pm for 5 hours/month.

Add your car to the pool! Contact Us! Details above.

Passenger Registration Form.

Qwikar Passenger Registration Form.

Qwikar Passenger Registration

    Register here as a Qwikar Passenger / Group Member. You will be sent an email with the list of vehicle types, values and packages that are available. You can select the one you want and make payment. Qwikar bank details will be included in the email for EFT payments. You will also receive a debit order form for future debits.
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