Join the Qwikar Car Share and Chauffeur-Drive Initiative!


Get picked up and dropped off where and when you want. Only pay for hours, tolls and fuel. Chauffeur-drive is Best!


Choose a monthly contract or pay ad hoc. The more hours you buy, the lower your rates. Get contracts for your family!


Share the use of your own or someone else's vehicle on a time share basis. Reduce your vehicle costs by up to 100%!

If you live in Pretoria East and you need affordable transport and short, safe journeys (not long distance), contact Paul (CEO) on 074 267 5500 to book your drive times.

About Qwikar

Qwikar is a chauffeur-drive car sharing initiative designed to prevent the repossession of privately owned vehicles. Vehicle owners share the use of their vehicles with those who do not have their own transport, and each vehicle is chauffeur-driven for everyone’s safety and convenience. Each car is only used by a maximum of 15 people! It’s an exclusive yet affordable service. Ask us about prices!

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Qwikar Contact Details

CEO: Paul von Wildenrath
Cell: +2774 267 5500
Location: Olympus, Pretoria East

Reduced Costs, Increased Security and Greater Affordability
for Vehicle Owners.

Vehicle owners who share their cars on Qwikar
never have to worry about paying another cent towards their car's upkeep any more.
Qwikar takes care of everything!


Increased Savings, Choices and Income for Group Members (Passengers)

Join our online advertising program. Contribute any amount from R500 and up. Earn from 10% to 45% per month. The company buys advertising in bulk, sells it in smaller quantities and shares the profits with contributors. It is all commodity based. There is no MLM and no recruiting, just you and your money working for you. Contact Us for more details.

Meet the vehicles!

Passengers needed in Pretoria East!

Volvo V50



Contracted or Ad Hoc Memberships.
Enjoy the luxury of being Chauffeur-Driven.

Meet the vehicles!

Cape Town (coming soon)

VW Polo

Audi A4

Mercedes 350SE

Contracted or Ad Hoc Memberships.
Enjoy the luxury of being Chauffeur-Driven.

Get picked up and dropped off by your personal chauffeur!

Join a Qwikar Group in your area!

Affordable chauffeur-drive service

Step into the future of vehicle ownership. Chauffeur-driven car sharing. It’s the way to go! Only pay for the time you use the vehicle.

Safe, secure and punctual

Never miss another appointment. Get work done on the road. Subscribe to more than one car, depending on your needs! Save R1,000’s!

Book your ride in advance

Know where you’re going and when? Book pre-scheduled rides. Buy, sell or swap hours with other group members. 

Qwikar drivers collect and deliver you.
On time, every time. Browse the list of benefits today.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

"What really interested me about becoming a Member of our local Qwikar Group was that I can get to wherever I want to go at the most affordable rates, and cheaper than by taxi by far. I don't have to wait for friends or family to be available, I simply book my trip then wait for my Qwikar chauffeur to pick me up! I get chauffeur-driven everywhere I go. My friends are so jealous! And when I persuade them to register with the service, Qwikar pays me a commission, so I make money back! AND I can help my friends get the same! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN! Awesome!"
Jenny Dorsey
Graphic Designer

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