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Little LogBook - Electronic Logbook

Electronic, GPS-based logbook does all the work for you! Claim back R3.98/km from SARS for business mileage every year. Many features, once-off price.
Just Plug it into your Cigarette Lighter and GO!

Make your car sound like a Shelby V8 + SIX MORE SUPERCARS & BIKES!
Just Plug In & Go!

If you own a 4-cylinder car and you really want a V8 or V12 but can't afford to run one, with the SoundRacer X (SRX) you can make your car sound like 7 supercar and superbike engines, played through your car radio's speakers. With the SRX you can drive a different car or bike every day of the week! You'll have a Shelby Mustang V8, a Lamborghini V10, a Lexus LFA V10, a Ferrari V12, a Porsche 911 GT3, a Harley V-Twin and a Suzuki GSX! And you can play music from your phone through your radio! You'll be the envy of all your frends!

Little LogBook Video

SoundRacer X Video

NOTE! You can run both devices simultaneously with
a Motoquip 1 Male - 2 Female 12v Cigarette Sockets.

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