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Become a BizHub Central Service Provider. Showcase your company and services in our online mall and reap the rewards you get from the many visitors to your site, invited by all our  Merchants, Service Providers and Customers. We support each other and share the rewards generated by each other’s marketing efforts! 

Paul von Wildenrath,
BizHub Founder & CEO

South African Service Providers List.

Service Providers are listed by location, company name and industry.
The Top 30 listings are Premier Listings.
Premier Listings 
have more content and are always seen first.
They are bigger than the Other Listings or the cheaper and simpler Category Listings.
They are boxed to make them stand out more, and they are in full colour.
They have URLs to their web pages in our mall, or to their external web sites.
As a result, they get the most hits and therefore make the most sales.
All Premier Listings are currently on special at only R50 pm each for a limited time only!
Other Listings and Category Listings are alphabetical according to City and Industry.
There is no charge for these listings, apart from their monthly web page rentals.

City Listings.

If you know anyone in business, anywhere in South Africa, who you think would like to get a web page
or category listing in the BizHub Central online mall to get more visitors and sales, or who would like to
earn a Supplementary Income from our Affiliate Program, ask them if we can contact them.
When they say “Yes”,  get us their names and contact details so we can call them.
We will pay you a commission on every sale we make off your referrals!
To earn regular monthly rebates from the Affiliate Program, you must be a Subscriber. 
You can use your commissions to pay for your own web page, if you need one, or just take the cash! 
The highlighted cities are where we currently have Service Providers.
We need many more 
Service Providers in all cities and towns in
South Africa to provide goods and services to our customers!

Help us find them!

Introduce your favourite service providers to us and earn a commission when they register!


Click on the highlighted names to see the Service Providers based in that city. Introduce your local Service Providers to BizHub and start getting commissions when they register with us and preferential discounts when you shop in their online shops or hire their services! 


Cape Town

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth

East London

East London










Richards Bay

Richards Bay

And more to come…..!

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