List of Tenants' Stores.

BizHub Central is an online marketplace where each Merchant gets their own Shop Category, included in their once-off web page set up cost! (Not applicable to Industry Category listings).
Their products are also co-mingled in the BizHub Shop, giving them double the exposure where someone might see them and buy.
You get:
  • Stylish Storefronts – Every storefront looks professional. Each product has an image, Category title, Product title, description, and price. See customers’ star ratings and Special Deals, if any. 
  • List 1-6 items per row. Only pay for the time it takes us to list your products.
  • Sell Multiple Product Types – simple, variable, downloadable or virtual products.
  • Star ratings and reviews are enabled. Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews.
  • Discount Vouchers (Coupons) are enabled. Create Preferential Discount Vouchers to be used by Sales Account Program Subscribers who support you! 
  • Get email notifications of who bought what, when and for how much. Contact them and ask if they want to collect, or if they want delivery.
  • Create an account and in your dashboard you can easily manage your product inventory including sales, orders, discounts and coupons. View items sold, revenue generated, and much more.
  • Social Profiles Integration for Merchants – Merchants can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, etc. and also link their Facebook stores into their store profile, helping them to make cross-sales.
  • Shipping Management for each store!
  • Refunding Customers is Extremely Easy – Customers can request refunds from the Merchants they purchased from.

To find Merchants in your area, click on "Merchants List" in the top menu.

If you don’t find what you want, Contact Us and we will find it for you!

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