bizhub central FLOW CHART


We have colour-coded this flow chart for better understanding of the “flow” through the business’ infrastructure, and how the 2 halves are linked together.

As you can see, the core of the business is the BizHub Central Online Shopping Mall (red).

The business has 2 distinct divisions, Businesses and Merchants on the left (orange) and Customers and Consumers on the  the right (green), linked together by Preferential Discount Vouchers, the Sales Accounts and Sales Rebates from the sales of products and services in the middle (blue).

The Sales Accounts link Merchants and Consumers together in a continuous loop, to everyone’s advantage.

Merchants become Tenants in the Mall when they buy one or more web pages.
They also get a unique free Shop each in which to display their goods. 

Merchants and Consumers subscribe to the Sales Accounts Plan, mainly to purchase the benefits provided by BizHub to operate a mini-business; the Merchants also to advertise their businesses and earn an extra income, and the Consumers so they can qualify for the Discount Vouchers (up to 10% off) which the Merchants are obliged to provide, exclusively to Sales Accounts Subscribers, and also to earn an extra income.

So, Participants who plan to buy from the Merchants in our Mall are given Discount Vouchers as an incentive to do so, and they earn a residual monthly income (blue) in the form of sales rebates when they sell Sales Accounts to others.
They are also given valuable incentives (blue), like a car, travel and merchandise, to motivate them to go out and sell the Plan quicker and to more people.

Income growth in the Plan is entirely performance-based, and needs every Participant to do 2 things:

the Plan to as many people as possible, and

2. TEACH AND HELP those they sell it to, to do the same!

This is the fastest way to reach your goals, grow a strong Sales Team, establish a substantial residual income for yourself, and maintain loyalty and effort from your Team members by helping and guiding them to do exactly the same as you!

Sales Account Subscribers can then buy goods from the Merchants in the Mall, using their own money (eg: salaries) or their Sales Account rebates, and get exclusive discounts when they do.

In addition to the above, we will soon have our own debit card into which sales rebates will be paid.
This is a stand-alone product that is given away to Sales Account holders in the higher status levels, and they can be purchased by Tenants, lower level or free Sales Account holders and Customers (non-members) alike, for personal or business use.

Check it out!

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