The Swiss Africa Group of Companies.

BotswanaConnect consists of a team of professionals, each an expert in his/her own right. Our team members have more than 50 years of combined experience in Botswana.

We established a portal, where our professionals will give you access to all of the best in Botswana, whether it is services or whether you need a property or simple advice on a certain matter, such as where the schools are in Phakalane.

 We at BotswanaConnect take pride in the fact that if we cannot find you a specific service, person or property, such service, person or property is simply not available in Botswana, as BotswanaConnect has contacts and connections in every corner of Botswana and, in fact, in Southern Africa.

 So, whether you want to move your factory to Botswana’s Innovation Hub or SPEDU to enjoy tax breaks, or buy a farm in Kaka or you simply want to open a bank account in Botswana, or you are looking for finance or venture capital, we at BotswanaConnect are ready to assist you.

We do what we do, because we like what we do!

BotswanaConnect is in the Swiss Africa Group of Companies consisting of:

1. Swiss Africa Praesidium (CO. 2016/19781) (“SAP”)

Praesidium means a non-governmental executive committee entrusted to look after the affairs of a larger body.

SAP is registered as a company that creates wealth structures for clients and acts as an independent trustee.

The Botswana Trust plays an important part in this estate and trust planning exercise, but an IFSC company or Innovation Hub company and incentives such as SPEDU could also be utilised.  SAP works closely in association with Sable International for the smooth and efficient movement of client’s funds cross-border within the four corners of the South African currency control regulations. SAP also works together with companies such as 4D Employee Benefits and Stonehage Fleming to ensure that our clients are given excellent off-shore investment advice, and Fluctus Ltd (Seychelles) who assists in the establishment and administration of trusts.

SAP also provide escrow services.

2. Swiss Africa Secretarial Company (CO. 2016/23521) (“SAS”)

SASC is registered as a company in Botswana and is registered with the ABCB as a company secretary in order to legally act as such in terms of the Botswana Companies Act.

 SASC also see to the following needs of our clients:

  • Registration of companies

  • Immigration, work and residence permits; and

  • Opening of Bank Accounts.

 The same services are rendered in:

  • South Africa, through Daniël S. Goosen Attorney and through our association with First CBA Company Secretaries (Pty) Ltd;

  • Namibia, through Swiss Africa Namibia in association with attorneys and auditors there;

  • Mauritius through Daniël S. Goosen Attorney through his association with Origin Circle Law Chambers;

  • Seychelles through our association with Fluctus Ltd.; and

  • Mozambique and Angola through our association with Astertax Consulting.

3. Swiss Africa Namibia (to be registered) (“SAN”)

SAN is in the process of being registered as a company in Namibia. It will be under the auspices of Erna Burger, a well-known businesswoman in Namibia.
SAN is entrusted to ensure that the mission, vision and goals of the Swiss Africa group is carried out in Namibia.

4. Swiss Africa Mauritius (154623C2/GBL) (“SAM”)

SAM is registered in Mauritius and acts as an Authorised Participant (“AP”) to Praxis Mutual PCC (Reg:C104013/GBL) (“Praxis”). Praxis is a Private Cell Company, listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange (“SEM”).

Praxis provides private equity, venture capital or project funding for projects worldwide and SAM, as AP of Praxis, is authorised to source such projects, make a business case of such project and lodge the business case with Praxis’ investment committee. If the committee approves the business case, the project gets approved and is financed.

SAM also facilitates and arranges the setting up of trusts and companies in Mauritius for clients.

5. Swiss Africa (Botswana) (CO. 2016/59860) (“SAB”)

SAB is registered as a company in Botswana and as such is the only company authorised to source projects for Praxis in Botswana. Project finance could thus be sourced for clients in Botswana or in Southern Africa, from Praxis and other sources.

6. Amatrix Developments (CO2005/4620) (“Amatrix”)

Amatrix is a sister company of the Swiss Africa Group of Companies, and is the owner of Plot 438, Pilane, in Botswana.

Amatrix, focusing on property development and investment, is currently in the midst of developing The Place @ Pilane on its own soils, where a mixed-use development will give rise to much needed infrastructure in Pilane, Botswana.

Amatrix was the owner of Plot 439, Pilane, where one will find Pilane Crossing, a very successful (and much needed) mall. Pilane Crossing was the brain-child of Amatrix Developments, and then sold to and developed by Time Projects.

Project portfolio and visual prospective presentations available upon request.

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