Welcome to the BizHub Central SA Blog!

This blog is where all Tenants (Merchants), Visitors and Customers can ask questions to find out more about BizHub Central and what services and products we offer.
The BizHub Central Blog is only available to registered, paid-up Compensation Plan participants, as we provide information on how to market your BizHub business page and on items of special interest to everyone in the Plan.

For easy reference, please first see the Home page, the Merchants List page and the Compensation Plan page. Most of your answers will be there.
Click the Merchants’ links to see their individual page/s and to visit their shops, in order to purchase something.
All purchases are processes by EFT through our secure payment gateway.

If you live in Pretoria and you want to come to a free presentation on what BizHub Central offers, go to the Invitation page, read what it says and then click on the Live Presentation Booking Form.
You can also Contact Us if there is a venue in your neighbourhood – restaurant, coffee shop, club, office, church hall –  that you know we can use as a presentation venue. Invite your SMME friends!

Anything not covered on the web site can be asked here for everyone to see, or you can Contact Us for private inquiries.

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