Why Customers Love Us!

  • We provide a variety of products and services for sale under one roof, like an online shopping mall full of specialist shops that you can visit from the comfort of your own home or office, and make purchases without breaking a sweat!
    Ours is a REAL Central Business Hub!

  • If something a customer is looking for isn’t available, they let us know and we do our best to find a Merchant who can provide that product or service. Or they can recommend a Merchant to us!

  • The web site is attractive and easy to navigate. It’s easy to find Merchants through the Industry Category listings in the “Merchants List” Page.

  • Their products can be found in individual Categories on the BizHub Shop page, as well as co-mingled with all other Merchants’ products, providing a double exposure for each Merchant!

  • Merchants, Visitors and Customers who participate in our Compensation Plan and buy from the Merchants in the Mall will be given Preferential Discount Vouchers by participating Merchants. They will get discounts of up to 10% on goods purchased. 

    These discounts are only available to Comp. Plan participants. This is how we say “thank you” for supporting and promoting us.

  • Customers make payment through our secure Payment Gateway, then arrange with the sellers to collect the goods themselves, or have them delivered or couriered to them. That’s the “shop from home” concept at its finest!

  • When registering, every Merchant must agree to accept and abide by our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Returns and Refunds Policy. Each Merchant is then responsible to their own customers, to provide the best quality goods and service they can.


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