Why Merchants Love Us!

  • We provide a family atmosphere in a business environment. We support one another!

  • We offer affordable web page design with a professional look and feel. Go to the “Merchants Listpage and click on the links to see the pages we have designed, including all the pages in this web site.

  • Pay a once-off web design cost of R1,000 per page for a professional and attractive result, and a rental of only R100 per month, paid annually in advance to reduce bank charges! (Or you can pay monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly).

  • Those who pay 3, 6 or 12 monthly each get 1, 2 or 4 pure silver coins with their initial payment as a “thank you” for their support.


  • Choose to have just 1 page, if that’s all you need!

  • The system is modular. Add what you want, and never pay for anything you won’t use.

  • We provide a unique URL for every business; professional web design; an optional business email account; your own, stylish Shopping Cart with  a Checkout Page and secure Payment Gateway; and much more! (See below).

  • Optional extras include the ability to increase sales with automated prospecting surveys and stunning interactive sales videos; and proofreading of web pages and all types of documents;

  • Advertise your web page’s URL to the public and pick up spin-off business from other Merchants’ referrals!

  • Support our Merchants and get up to 10% off with the Preferential Discount Vouchers they offer our Compensation Plan participants.

  • We advertise for you, too! We do SEO and we actively market the site to attract Merchants and Customers, which YOU benefit from when they go to your page and buy what you are selling.

  • Already got your own web site? No problem! Rent a professionally designed Landing Page in BizHub Central. Join the BizHub Community and share in the spin-off referrals from other Merchants. When someone clicks on your URL, they will be taken directly to your own web site, where they can transact with you. We charge R1,000 to design your page, and R250 per month rent for this service, payable in advance (50% off).

    (This rule also applies to estate agents and other businesses that do not sell from their web sites but instead book appointments (like hair salons) or send out quotations (like pest control companies).

  • Here’s an example of how massive traffic flow can be built up by all Merchants, working equally diligently at growing their BizHub businesses.

  • Let’s say we have 100 Merchants and they send their web links out to 1,000 new visitors every week.
    That’s 100 x 1,000 = 100,000 new visitors a week, or 400,000 new visitors a month. 
    (Are you getting that currently)?

    If just 1% of those 400,000 visitors visit your website, that’s 4,000 visits you never had before.

    And if you sell to only 25% of them, that’s 1,000 new sales per month you never had before, either.

  • In a few months we will have 1,000+ Merchants, each bringing in 1,000 new visitors a DAY!

  • That’s 1,000,000 visitors a day, or 30,000,000 visitors a MONTH!

    And if only 1% of those visit your web site, you will get 300,000 visits a month.

    And if you sell to 25% of them, that’s 75,000 sales a MONTH!

    You just need to make sure you have the capacity to handle it all!

  • So you can see, even with 20-50 Merchants initially, each bringing in only 100 visitors a week, the spin-off business you get alone will quickly cover your set-up costs!


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